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India vs Pakistan Head to Head in ODIs

Arch-rivals, we call them. India vs Pakistan has to be among the most awaited encounters these days. The thrill, level of enthusiasm, and fun nail-biting experience these sides bring in when they battle is just unmatched.

There was a time when these two sides used to play consistently against each other in bilateral series. For the past decade or so, it has only been possible for us to see these two sides in a big tournament like the ICC World Cup or Asia Cup.

Here in this article, let’s have a look at some of the head-to-head and Individual stats that make this rivalry between India and Pakistan more memorable:

India vs Pakistan – Head to Head in ODIs

Matches Played135
India Won57
Pakistan Won73
No Result5

The 1985s to the early 2000s were an almost Pakistan-dominated phase against India, wherein during that time India was just successful enough to win close to 30 matches of the 86 matches contested then.

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India vs Pakistan (in India)

Matches Played31
India Won12
Pakistan Won19
No result0

Pakistan has been far ahead when performing against India in India. This shows why there have been talks about when these two sides play against each other. The fast bowling Pakistan has possessed has always helped them have an edge against Indian batsmen, hence making them successful enough to beat India in many instances.

India vs Pakistan (in Pakistan)

Matches Played27
India Won11
Pakistan Won14
No result2

It’s quite interesting to see that India has kind of shown good competition in away conditions. This shows our capability to do well versus Pakistan in their own den. Still, Pakistan has a slight edge over India, with 3 more wins than India.

India vs Pakistan (at Neutral Venues)

Matches Played77
India Won34
Pakistan Won40
No result3

Yes, these two sides have played against each other more at neutral venues than in their home and away conditions combined. Pakistan, just like the above trend, has a slight edge over India here too.

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