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India vs England Head to Head in ODI

What comes to your mind when we talk about India vs England in any format? Two limited-overs game-dominating sides playing up against each other.

Always, it has been about high-run-scoring matches. With many top-class batters and bowlers having played against each other, it has been quite fun to watch them play for the fans.

These two sides have locked horns in more than 105 matches. Let’s have a look at head-to-head stats between India and England in ODIs. (You can find more head-to-head stats for other teams here.)

India vs England – Head to Head in ODIs

Matches Played107
India Won58
England Won44
No Result3

India here has a good enough edge, to be above England in the ODI head-to-head matches score. 14 is the number of more matches they have been successful in winning against the English team.

Let’s have a look at how India has fared, in away conditions in the One-Day matches played against England:

India vs England (in England)

Matches Played45
India Won18
England Won23
No Result3

Almost always this has been the case that the home team has been dominating the opposition country. But here India isn’t that far from the number of matches England has won at their own den against the Men in Blue.

India vs England (in India)

Matches Played52
India Won34
England Won17
No Result0

India is miles ahead in this part of comparison. Well, this had to be quite obvious, because English batsmen haven’t been known for their good spin play ever and them playing in the subcontinent conditions was never going to be easy, this is what is depicted clearly above.

India vs England (at Neutral Venues)

Matches Played10
India Won6
England Won4
No Result0

There isn’t much to get hold of here. It has been quite a long time since we have seen these two countries have matches other than their home conditions. India is ahead though in the matches played out at neutral venues between the two sides.

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