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India vs Australia Head to Head in ODIs

The two cricketing big powers, Australia and India, have locked horns for more than 140 ODI matches, and the men in yellow have the upper hand in the nations’ head-to-head stats numbers.

Let’s look at the ODI match summaries when these two teams, India and Australia, came against each other:

  1. Who has won the most matches?
  2. Who has won most in home ODIs and away ODIs?
  3. Which team has the best win percentage?

(You can find the same stats in the Test format here).

India vs Australia – Head to Head in ODIs

Matches Played151
India Won57
Australia Won84
No result10

Mighty Australia, we call them for a reason. The above stats are just another reason which adds a feather to Australia’s prowess. It’s not like India has been way out of place in the head-to-head; they have started improving their overall record by winning quite consistently in the recent past.

Let us look at how India has fared in away conditions in the One-day international matches against Australia.

India vs Australia (in Australia)

Matches Played54
India Won14
Australia Won38
No Result 2

Sheer domination is the word here. Aussies have been successful enough to win more than double the matches India has won against them in Australia.

India vs Australia (in India)

Matches Played72
India Won33
Australia Won34
No Result5

Tough competition, for real. Australia is still slightly ahead. Five of the matches contested resulted in no result.

India vs Australia (at Neutral Venues)

Matches Played25
India Won10
Australia Won12
No Result3

Few matches have been contested between the two sides at neutral venues or other than their home countries.


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