Ranking the Top 10 Overseas Test Batsmen in England

The overseas batsmen coming to England have generally been very vulnerable to the swinging conditions. It was one of the biggest challenges for a batter to come to England and score runs. Even the best of the best have found it difficult against the conditions. Despite all, some greats of the game have overcome the challenge and have proved their value. With all those said, this is an article on ranking the top 10 best overseas Test batsmen in England.

Note: The list is not on the basis of most runs scored in the England soil by the visiting batters.

#10 Hashim Amla

The former South African batsman Hashim Amla was one of the best players to have played from his nation in all formats. He had an excellent Test career coming in at number three for his side. The right-hander played 11 Tests in England, scoring 1086 runs at a stunning average of 60.33. He scored three centuries in the English conditions with the highest score of unbeaten 311 in 2012. Amla retired from international cricket in 2019, and he is ranked tenth among the top 10 overseas batsmen in England.

#9 Shivnarine Chanderpaul

The former West Indies batsmen Shivnarine Chanderpaul is next on the list of 10 best overseas Test batsmen in England. The left-hander had an unorthodox technique but was very influential throughout his career. His stance was a bit different, with the feat not being placed parallel. He played 15 tests in England, scoring 1399 runs at an excellent average of 66.62. He scored three centuries in England with the best score of unbeaten 116, which came during one of the top ten highest 4th innings run chases on England soil. He is ranked ninth among the top 10 overseas batsmen in England.

#8 Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith is regarded as one of the greatest ever captains in the international circuit as he was very successful as a leader of the South African team. Smith has played some mind-blowing innings at the top of the order in England. Smith scored 1355 runs in the 12 Tests he played in the English conditions at an average of 67.75. He scored five centuries overall in England with a top score of 277.

#7 Viv Richards

Viv Richards was one of the feared batsmen from the opposing teams as he played an aggressive brand of cricket. Richards scored 2057 runs in 24 Tests in English conditions with an average of 64.28. The West Indies legendary batsmen scored five centuries in England with the highest score of 291. He is regarded as one of the game’s all-time greats, and his record in England’s counterpart nation Australia shows how dangerous he used to be in away conditions. Richards even played without helmets against the steaming in fast bowlers, which showed his amount of confidence.

#6 Allan Border

Allan Border had a successful career for the Australian team in terms of leadership and the batting department. The left-hander had a great stint in English conditions every time he had toured the country. Border scored 2082 runs in 25 Tests for Australia at an average of 65.06 in England. He scored five centuries in the nation, with the highest score of an unbeaten 200 in the 1993 Ashes series at Leeds. Allan Border is currently a popular commentator and one of the top overseas batsmen to have played in English conditions.

#5 Gordon Greenidge

The West Indian legendary cricketers Gordon Greenidge had a great time in England as a batsman in the longer format of the game. The right-hander amassed 1570 runs in England in the 19 Tests; he played at an average of 56.07. He scored as many as six centuries in the country. His highest score of 223 came while opening the innings in 1984 in the Manchester Test. He was one of the critical members of the West Indian batting line-up when they dominated in overseas conditions. Greenidge is ranked fifth among the top overseas batsmen in England.

#4 Steve Smith

Steve Smith is arguably the best Test batsman in the modern era with some impeccable numbers already. The former Australian captain was a sensation in England even in the last Ashes in 2018. The right-hander has played 22 Tests scoring more than 2200 runs at an average of 55 in the English conditions. He likes the tough challenges and takes the responsibility of playing those long match-winning innings. He has scored six centuries in England so far, with the highest score of 215. He Smith is ranked fourth among the top overseas batsmen in England.

#3 Rahul Dravid

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Rahul Dravid was the epitome of dedication and patience in Test cricket. He was unbelievably good in English conditions when the whole Indian team had found it challenging. It was under his leadership that India last won a Test series in England in 2007. His technique was flawless; scoring 1376 runs in England in the 13 Tests, he played at an average of 68.80. He scored six centuries in the country with the highest score of 217 that come in 2002. Dravid was the man of the series in his final tour to England in 2011. He is ranked third among the top overseas batsmen in England.

#2 Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh is regarded as one of the greatest Australian captains, and he led the country for a long time. The middle-order batsman had a unique technique that helped him to do well in England. The right-hander scored 1633 runs in 22 Tests in England at an average of 74.23. He scored seven centuries in English conditions with the highest score of an unbeaten 177. In fact, in the 32 innings in England, he has remained not out on ten occasions which is one of the highlights. He is ranked second among the top overseas batsmen in England.

#1 Don Bradman

Don Bradman was one of the all-time greatest batsmen, if not the greatest. He conquered almost every part of the cricketing nations, and he enjoyed his outings in England especially. The Australian batter finished with a career average of 99.9, and he needed just one run in his last innings to retire with an average of 100 in Tests. Bradman scored 2674 runs in 19 Tests in England at an incredible average of 102.85. He was unstoppable with 11 centuries in England, and his highest score was 334. He is the number one ranked overseas batsman in England. His numbers do tell the story, and he will be etched in the memories permanently.

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