Vivian Richards – The Fastest Player to score 2000 ODI Runs in Australia !!!

Here is a Cricket stat of Viv Richards being the fastest to score in 2000 Runs in ODI in Australia.

It is shocking to see that: No Australian Batsmen is the fastest player to score 2000 runs in Australia.

Australia has always been a dominating nation in Cricket. There have been different versions of Champion teams in Australian cricket. And there have been plenty of Champion Players among the Australian cricket journey. Players like Don Bradman, Alan Border, Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh, Michael Bevan, Ricky Ponting and more have been the holders of numerous Cricket Records.

Overall, Australia has five World Cup wins, which is the most by any cricketing nations. But there is one cricket record which the mighty Australian Team would never be proud of.  Let us get to the point straight away.

Vivian Richards(Also known as Viv Richards) of West Indies, being always a dominating and aggressive batsman is the holder of the record. Indeed!!

Viv Richards is the Quickest Batsman to score 2000 ODI runs in Australia. He took just 42 innings to score 2000 ODI runs in Australia.

Even today, that record of Viv Richards stands tall. Can you believe that?

The two players who came so close to this record are David Warner and Kumar Sangakkara, who is not an Australian again. This must be a real hurting fact for the Australian Cricket followers.

Every other cricketing nation has their own set of players in the list of quickest to 2000 Runs in ODI in their own countries.

Rohit Sharma recently broke the record of Sourav Ganguly for the quickest to score 2000 ODI runs in India. He took 42 matches to aggregate 2000 runs in Indian Grounds. Check the players in the list of fastest player to score 2000 in India here.

Also, Check for every country, the list for fastest player to score 2000 run, here


Players who are fastest to score 2000 runs in Australia in ODI

  1. Viv Richards – West Indies – 42 Innings
  2. Kumar Sangakkara – Sri Lanka – 47 Innings
  3. David Warner – Australia – 47 Innings
  4. Ricky Ponting – Australia – 53 Innings
  5. Dean Jones – Australia – 53 Innings
  6. Michael Bevan – Australia – 56 Innings
  7. Geoff Marsh – Australia – 58 Innings
  8. Mike Hussey – Australia – 59 Innings
  9. Adam Gilchrist – Australia – 62 Innings
  10. Micheal Clarke – Australia – 64 Innings


Viv Richards is also the fastest to 1000 ODI Runs in Cricket. He took 21 innings to get to 1000 Runs in ODI Cricket. This feat is also joined by Kevin Peterson, Jonathan Trott, Quentin De Kock and Babar Azam,


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The Rub

The feat of getting into 2000 ODI Runs in a visiting nation is never an easy job. And that too in and against Australians could never be a simple task. But Viv Richards managing to do that even faster than the country’s own batsmen is a significant task.

On the other hand, We know that Australian Batsmen have never been a fan of Individual records in cricket. But this is one record they will be itching to break in the coming years.

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