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ACF 7: Glenn McGrath Dismissed 104 Batsmen on a Duck in Tests

Here we bring in a new, untold, and rare cricket fact: Glenn McGrath had the most wickets for ducks of any fast bowler in Tests, dismissing 104 batsmen.

Glenn McGrath is widely regarded as one of the finest fast bowlers in cricket history. The Australian’s record of dismissing 104 batsmen for a duck in Test cricket demonstrates his exceptional bowling abilities as well as his ability to outsmart batsmen. This is the second-most dismissals by a fast bowler for ducks in Test cricket history, and people will remember it for years to come.

McGrath’s 104-duck record is a fantastic accomplishment that illustrates his precision, control, and mastery of the art of bowling. He was known for extracting seam movement from any surface, and he usually used his height to add bounce and velocity. He was a bowler with the ability to swing the ball both ways at will, making him a significant threat to any batsman who came to bat.

The Australian fast bowler set a record by dismissing 104 batsmen for a duck in 124 Test matches, a remarkable strike rate. McGrath’s ability to dismiss batsmen for a duck was not limited to any one opponent; he accomplished this feat against all Test-playing nations. He was a bowler who could adjust to any situation and was equally efficient on flat, bounce, and movement pitches.

During his 124-Test career, he took 563 Test wickets and dismissed batsmen for ducks 104 times, the highest by a bowler in history. McGrath also dismissed batters for a duck 71 times in ODI cricket and once in T20I cricket. McGrath is the most successful bowler in international cricket, having taken 949 wickets.

Bowlers who have dismissed batsmen for ducks most often in Test cricket

  1. James Anderson: 115 Dismissals

Anderson has dismissed batsmen for ducks more times than any other bowler in Test cricket history. In his 183 Test matches, he has removed 115 batsmen for a duck, an astounding number. 

  1. Glenn McGrath: 104 Dismissals 

Glenn McGrath, a former Australian pacer, holds the record with 104 batsmen dismissed for a duck. He loses his number one spot to James Anderson, but for the time being, he is number one since he was the first fast bowler to achieve this figure.

  1. Muttiah Muralitharan: 102 Dismissals

His bowling ability also overwhelmed the other batsmen. In 133 Test innings, 102 of his 800 wickets were such that the batsmen were out for a duck.

  1. Shane Warne: 102 Dismissals

Shane Warne, by coincidence, dismissed the same number of batsmen as Muralitharan for a duck. In 145 test innings, Warne took 708 wickets, including 102 ducks.

  1. Stuart Broad: 87 Dismissals
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In 167 Test matches, Stuart Broad has dismissed batsmen for a duck 87 times. This is the fifth-most in Test cricket history for any bowler.

Final Thoughts

McGrath’s record of dismissing batters for ducks demonstrates his durability and consistency as a fast bowler. He was a player who played with passion and commitment, and he never lost sight of his desire to succeed.

He was a major member of Australia’s world-beating team for more than a decade, and his impact on the team’s success cannot be overemphasised. McGrath’s legacy as one of the game’s finest fast bowlers is safe, and his record of dismissing batters for ducks attests to his greatness as a cricketer.

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