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ACF 13: When Don Bradman Scored 309 Runs in a Single Day of a Test Match

Amazing Cricket Fact 13: Did you know that Sir Don Bradman holds the record for the most runs scored by a batsman in a single day of a Test match with 309 runs?

One of the most wanted records for a batter in cricket is the most runs scored in a single day of play. This record demonstrates a player’s talent and endurance, as it necessitates not only a high degree of technical expertise but also the ability to retain focus and concentration over a whole day of play.

The record for the most runs scored by a batsman in a single playing day belongs to Sir Donald Bradman. On July 11, 1930, Bradman etched this fascinating record while playing a Test match against archrival England at the Headingley Stadium in Leeds.

Bradman came to the pitch when Australia lost their first wicket on 2 runs. He then went on to build a 192-run partnership with captain Bill Woodfull for the second wicket.

Bradman scored his century before the end of the first session, scoring 105 runs off 153 balls. He then partnered with Alan Kippax for a 229-run partnership for the third wicket. At the end of this record day, Bradman amassed 309* runs off 420 balls.

The next day, he added 25 more runs to his tally before handing a catch to keeper George Duckworth for 334 runs. His stupendous knock included a total of 46 boundaries. This innings demonstrated Bradman’s unrivalled skill and precision as a batsman, as he smashed the English bowlers with precision, power, and finesse.

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Bradman’s 309 runs in a day set a world record that still stands the test of time, demonstrating his prowess as a batter. He is widely recognised as one of the greatest cricketers of all time, and his record for most runs scored in a single day of play is just one of his many in the sport.

Bradman’s innings in that match was one of the defining moments of his career, demonstrating his skill, drive, and endurance as a batsman. His record for most runs scored in a single day of play will be recognised as one of the greatest achievements in cricket history, and it is a monument to Sir Donald Bradman’s enduring legacy.

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