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Cricket Video: The Loudest Roar I’ve ever heard – Shane Warne

Shane Warne, the first bowler to reach 700 test wickets in Cricket History. Shane Warne twitter handle recently tweet-shared a video, which I thought would be one of the greatest moments in cricket to share here on my blog. We are all aware that the Shane Warne’s magic ball has been the most go-to delivery to represent Warne’s legendary. But he has shared us one of his famous moment and the loudest roar he had ever heard from the crowd. The Video showcase one of the Shane Warne’s best wicket that made his test wickets count to reach 700.

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Shane Warne had ended his tally at 708 wickets in his 16-year long test career. And his 700th Wickets came at the best time he could ever ask for – The Ashes on the Boxing day. His 700th wicket was England’s former captain, Andrew Strauss. Look at the crowd’s cheer for him, when Ponting called Warne to bowl. And the celebration after his 700th wicket was apt at the situation.

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What I feel is The Champion player deserved that and more in his career. Shane Warne’s hair must be the most broken-out hair in the Cricket history, thanks to the way the Aussies celebrate their wickets.


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Shane Warne Stats

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Shane Warne played his cricket from 1992 – 2007, where he had taken 708 wickets with the best bowling performance of  71/8. His mountainous tally of wickets involves 37 five-fors and 10 ten wickets in a match. All his records are second only to Muttiah Muralitharan.


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