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5 Best Cricket Books on Cricket Coaching and Techniques

Yes! Getting the right and the best cricket coaching books have always been a difficult task to carry on.

There are many books on cricket coaching and skills, and obviously, there are biographies and autobiographies on cricket players too.

But the search for finding the right coaching books could be much easier if you do a little research.

First things first, Why would you buy the cricket coaching books in the first place? Here are some insights.

Why should you buy Cricket Coaching Books?

  • You can gift a cricket book to your cricket-fanatic friend. (Could turn out to be the best gift, who knows )
  • You can buy a cricket coaching book for any budding cricketer, who dreams of being a Sachin or Dhoni himself.
  • You can add it to the cricket section of your library ( only if you have it in the first place or start now)
  • If you want to start your reading habit and you are a cricket fan yourself. Why can’t you start a book on your personal interest?
  • Finally, What are books for, kill time and get some useful information at once. (Time you enjoyed wasting, is never wasted)

Best cricket books are hard to find, I accept, but here I am, with some info for you on finding out the best books on cricket, one can learn and enjoy reading.

I have put through some research times and hand-picked five books based on these factors.

I have put through some research times and hand-picked five books based on these factors.

  • Must read contents
  • The popularity of the book
  • Updated for the current time cricket

1. How to Play Cricket

Author: Sir Don Bradman

Coming from the master himself, this book is nothing but a booster to your cricket career and the interest in the game. Don Bradman wrote this book from his career intakes, and you know what this book about is. High on courage and best on attitude, he showers those high attributes of his, direct into this book. It would be best if you read it to understand how he had been the master of the game.

Why you should buy this book?

  • Highly entertaining and encouraging.
  • Courage and temperament sporting skills.

2. The Insider by Aakash Chopra

Authors: Aakash Chopra

Here comes a real-winner book, which is an excellent read for any cricketer or coach. Such detailing and almost covering every aspect of cricket, makes this book, a must-read. The added benefit is this book is, a former Indian cricketer and a current commentator wrote it, and that makes the content more suitable for sub-continent players. This is my first Cricket book and still have it with me for casual reading.

Why you should buy this book?

  • The book helps one understand, how cricketers prepare for a game, how they react to situations, and how they get out of bad forms.
  • This book covers both the software (mind) and hardware (physical aspects) of the game.
  • The author has covered detailed technical aspects of the game.

3. Learn to Play Cricket: Teach Yourself

Authors: Mark Butcher and Paul Abraham 

If you are a cricket enthusiast, player or even just a curious reader, buy this book. You’ll love it. The authors made it an engaging read by using the clear, concise on challenging aspects of the game. This could be the book for you if you are looking for a technically rich book on crickets aspects.

Written by a former English captain, the book has many technical notes with comprehensive analysis. If you are interested in learning cricket yourself: the fielding positions and the shots and the techniques behind them, this is the book for you.

Why you should buy this book?

  • Written by a player himself, Mark Butcher
  • Clear and concisely written
  • Technically rich

4. Coaching Youth Cricket

Authors: Ian Pont

This book is for youth written by Ian Pont, an English former cricketer and current International Coach, specialising in T20. It gives clear instructions and illustrations through the pictures and simple words.

This is an easy-to-understand book with bright ideas skills-wise. This is also an recommended book from England Cricket Board.

Why you should buy this book?

  • Valuable book for an young cricketer and someone who is new in coaching.
  • Picture illustrations are handy
  • Bit Costly (but worth it for every penny)

5. The Psychology of Cricket: Developing Mental Toughness

Authors: Stewart Cotterill and Barker Jamie

An odd addition to this list. This book, written by Stewart Cotterill, is one of a kind in cricket coaching books. It deals with the players’ psychology and mental toughness, which are very important for any modern-day cricketers.

It has many real-time game examples and goes deep with the psychology of the players, which makes this a beautiful read for any upbringing cricketers. Coaches can also be valued with this book as they can use this in their coaching methods.

Why you should buy this book?

  • It’s a book for all generation of cricketers
  • One of a kind in cricket coaching
  • Very well explained about the multiple situations, which is very rare for a young cricketers to have experienced.
  • A good read overall

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