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The Best Wicket Keeping Pads You Can Buy in 2023

A wicketkeeper’s job is always highly demanding. The wicketkeeper is the only player who will be attentive throughout an innings. So, to do the tough job of wicketkeeping, a wicketkeeper must be comfortable with his types of equipment, which is a basic thing to consider. Especially the wicketkeeping pads are life-saving gear for any keepers behind the stumps.

This article lists the top five wicketkeeping pads available (online) in India. We have personally tried more than 20 wicketkeeping pads and picked the best five in terms of quality and reliability. Also, we have recommendations for beginners and players who play higher levels within our suggestions. Let’s get to the list!

#1 SG Nylite

SG Nylite is compact, and it wraps around the legs with ease. Moreover, the upper layer of the pads is higher, and it can cover the knees completely with a thick layer. With high-quality protection, this pad is suited well for top-level cricket, where the speed of the game is high.

#2 SG Megalite Adults

SG Megalite is the newest model from SG. Its look resembles that of SG Nylite except for the gold coating inside. It has extra protection for the shin, which makes the wicket completely safe for the legs.

#3 GM Original WK Pads

This WK pad is a little shorter than other pads, which makes it more compact than other products. Completely white on the outside, it has black shades inside. The traditional look of this pad is an extra point.

#4 SG Super Test

SG Super Test is most suitable for beginners. With less weight, these pads make the learning process easier. Also, the durability of this product is great. Its traditional look makes it comfortable for the keepers to move around their hands without any disturbance.

#5 SG Club

Most suitable for beginners at an affordable price. This is the basic model of wicket-keeping pads. Not suitable for higher level cricket, but for the kids, it is the apt one to learn wicket keeping.

Thanks for reading our list. I hope you get what you are looking for here. Happy Shopping and Safe Playing!

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