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IND vs WI in ODIs – Head to Head & Individual Stats

What comes to your mind when we talk about India vs West Indies in any format? There would always be a thought. You would think we would witness an exciting, high-scoring game whenever these two teams come out to battle. There have been many great players coming from both sides to have ever hailed the gentleman’s game of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar, the fast bowling quartet of Windies, Brian Lara, Chris Gayle, Sir Viv Richards, and Virat Kohli, to name a few.

These two sides have locked horns for 139 ODI matches. Let’s look at the Head to Head and Individual Stats between the sides in ODI.

India vs West Indies – Head to head in ODIs

Matches Played139
India Won70
West Indies Won63
No result2

Few years back, there was no team which could even challenge the Windies but now in the recent few years their prowess has been on a decline. In all, you can see here what we expect when these two sides play against each other a for sure thriller game.

India in West Indies:

Lets have a look at how India has fared, in away conditions in the One-day matches played against West Indies :

Matches Played42
India Won19
West Indies Won20
No result3

A close contest here it seems. India is just on the brink to take over West Indies and better their record to have more wins than Windies against them in their own den.

West Indies in India

Matches Played61
India Won32
West Indies Won28
No Result0

Again here, we do see a good close battle and challenge posed by each other.

India vs West Indies at neutral venues :

India has been able to have that upper edge over West Indies in the matches held at neutral venues between the two sides.

Matches Played36
India Won19
Australia Won15
No Result1

Key Individual Records (Top Fives)

Now, we focus on the individual heroics of the players who contributed to some of the most crucial wins between the two sides.

Leading Run Scorers For India against West Indies in ODIs:

Many batters have had a big say in making battles between these two sides enjoyable. Many have done enough to always glue to the screen when these two nations perform against each other.

Kohli topping the list of new records has been quite normal for a long time. Considering all the encounters between the two sides, he is the only guy averaging above 65.

Virat Kohli41226166.509
Rohit Sharma34160157.183
Sachin Tendulkar39157352.434
Rahul Dravid38134842.133
Sourav Ganguly27114247.580

Leading Run scorers for West Indies vs India in ODIs:

Expecting Brian Lara and Sir Viv Richards? No, you would be disappointed seeing both of them not making it to the list. This shows how well India has bowled against such great batters over the years.

Sarwan has to be one of the most underrated players to have played for the Maroons. Not because him being the only West Indian to average even above fifty. He had been vocal in contributing many good knocks, which helped Windies get through the line.

Desmond Haynes36135742.412
Chris Gayle41133432.544
Shivnarine Chanderpaul41131935.652
Ramnaresh Sarwan31129658.911
Carl Hooper42127944.101

Highest Individual Scores in IND vs WI ODI matches

Below we have a list comprising of Indians and only Indians, just one guy Desmond being the only West Indian to be part of this list. That was a sweet phase for the Indian Cricket Team between 2016-2019, wherein we saw many players play at their peak and dominate any bowling lineup. “Hitman” Sharma, as they call him, makes it to the list thrice.

Virender Sehwag219Indore2011
Rohit Sharma162Brabourne2018
Rohit Sharma159Visakhapatnam2019
Virat Kohli 157*Visakhapatnam2018
Desmond Haynes152*Georgetown1989
Rohit Sharma152*Guwahati2018

Most Wickets for West Indies vs India in ODIs:

A not so likely list one would have wanted to see if it were to have referred to the most wickets column for or against any opposition.

Yes, how funny game cricket could be; Sir Viv Richards, known for his batting contributions, always has to be the pick of bowlers with a meager average of 21.97. Rest we do have some expected names from the rich history of West Indian bowling stars.

Courtney Walsh384424.16
Viv Richards313621.97
Carl Hooper453639.56
Curtly Ambrose253222.47
Ravi Rampaul152825.39

Most Wickets for India vs West Indies in ODIs:

Kapil Dev being at the top talks about his capabilities and how well he has been doing his stuff consistently. Jadeja also makes the place here, with two more prominent spinners to have graced the game of cricket and their spin expertise, which helped them have immense success against the Windies. Shami has always been a gem of a bowler for India in ODIs, so there shouldn’t be much to talk about him being present with such great statistics.

Kapil Dev424328.88
Anil Kumble264123.73
Ravindra Jadeja294129.88
Mohammed Shami183722.54
Harbhajan Singh313334.27

Best Bowling figures in India vs West Indies in ODIs

This is an impressive list. You would see a prominent batsman cutting the list and two not-so-legendary Indian bowlers getting hold of West Indian batting greats.

Interestingly, all the players mentioned below, with their corresponding best bowling haul, are the best bowling spell in their ODI cricket career.

This is an excellent way to end our discussion!

Anil Kumble6/12Kolkata1993
Balfour Patterson6/29Nagpur1987
Vivian Richards6/41Delhi1989
Nikhil Chopra5/21Toronto1999
Sanjeev Sharma5/26Sharjah1988

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