Fastest to 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, & 9000 ODI Runs

With the game getting more favor to the batsmen nowadays, the fastest in cricket records never feels like a safe bet.

This article will list the fastest five batsmen in ODI cricket to reach every 1000x runs, i.e., the quickest to 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, & 9000 runs in ODI in terms of innings batted.

Fastest to 1000 Runs in ODI

Having the right start to one’s cricket career will set the perfect base for a great journey. Being the fastest to 1000 runs in ODI has always been challenging. The great Sir Vivian Richards set the base in 1975 when he reached 1000 ODI runs in his 21st Innings.

The feat was later equalled by 4 other batsmen – Quentin De Kock, Kevin Peterson, Jonathan Trott and Babar Azam. These batsmen reached the tally of 1000 ODI runs in their 21st innings.

And then, the record was bettered twice by two Pakistani batsmen – Fakhar Zaman (18 Innings) and Imam-ul-Haq (19 Innings). Shubman Gill also reached his 1000-runs mark at 19 innings.

Fakhar Zaman (PAK)181Y 45D
Imam-Ul-Haq (PAK)191Y 99D
Shubman Gill (IND)193Y 352D
Viv Richards (WI)214Y 229D
Kevin Pietersen (ENG)211Y 123D
Jonathan Trott (ENG)211Y 187D
Quinton de Kock (SA)211Y 212D
Babar Azam (PAK)211Y 223D
Van der Dussen (SA)212Y 226D
Aqib Ilyas (OMA)224Y 67D

Fastest to 2000 Runs in ODI

A new topper arises from the 2000 level; the South African opening batsman, Hashim Amla, who took 24 innings to reach the 1000 runs mark, reached the second 1000 runs in his career in his next 16 innings.

He was then bettered by Shubman Gill, who needed only 38 innings to reach the two-thousand runs marks in One-day Internationals.

Also, we see three batters from the previous table, including the modern-day Pakistani trio – Babar, Fakhar, and Imam, in this top ten.

Shubman Gill (IND)384y 264d
Hashim Amla (SA)402Y 318D
Zaheer Abbas (PAK)459Y 32D
Kevin Pietersen (ENG)452Y 144D
Babar Azam (PAK)453Y 108D
Imam-ul-Haq (PAK)463Y 268D
Jonathan Trott (ENG)472Y 315D
Shai Hope (WI)472Y 172D
Viv Richards (WI)488Y 8D
Shikhar Dhawan (IND)484Y 20D

Fastest to 3000 Runs in ODI

Hashim Amla, once again, lived up to his rank to hold on to his topper reputation in the 3rd 1000 runs in ODI too. The shift from 2000 to 3000 runs milestones took him 17 innings, as he rules the chart.

Also, from Pakistan, Fakhar and Babar continues to impress.

Hashim Amla (SA)574Y 172D
Shai Hope (WI)673Y 36D
Fakhar Zaman (PAK)675Y 326D
Imam-ul-Haq (PAK)675y 357D
Babar Azam (PAK)684Y 26D
Viv Richards (WI)698Y 359D
Gordon Greenidge (WI)7211Y 128D
Gary Kirsten (SA)723Y 357D
Shikhar Dhawan (IND)725Y 92D
Joe Root (ENG)723Y 234D

Fastest to 4000 Runs in ODI

Once again, the South African opener tops the chart for the fastest to 4000 ODI runs. Babar Azam came real close to this milestone but fell short by an innings.

The modern-day great, Virat Kohli appears first time in the top ten quickest list.

Hashim Amla (SA)815Y 274D
Babar Azam (PAK)826Y 302D
Shai Hope (WI)885Y 204D
Viv Richards (WI)889Y 311D
Joe Root (ENG)914Y 261D
Virat Kohli (IND)934Y 154D
David Warner (AUS)938Y 138D
Quinton de Kock (SA)945Y 201D
Shikhar Dhawan (IND)957Y 58D
Gordon Greenidge (WI)9612Y 345D
Kane Williamson (NZ)966Y 138D

Fastest to 5000 Runs in ODI

Virat Kohli made a clear jump to the top five list by moving from 4000 to 5000 runs in ODI in just 21 innings. His career made a big jump in this phase of his career in 2013. You can find the growth of Virat Kohli, year by year, format-wise, in this article.

Babar Azam (PAK)977y 339d
Hashim Amla (SA)1016Y 313D
Virat Kohli (IND)1145Y 95D
Shai Hope (WI)1147y 17d
Viv Richards (WI)11411Y 237D
David Warner (AUS)11510Y 361D
Joe Root (ENG)1166Y 40D
Quinton de Kock (SA)1167Y 16D
Brian Lara (WI)1186Y 359D
Shikhar Dhawan (IND)1188Y 95D

Fastest to 6000 Runs in ODI

Kane Williamson is the winner here, as the promising talent from New Zealand took only 20 innings to move from 5000 to 6000 ODI runs, whereas Virat and Amla had taken 22 innings for the same.

Hashim Amla (SA)1237Y 230D
Virat Kohli (IND)1366Y 83D
Kane Williamson (NZ)1398Y 323D
Davis Warner (AUS)13913Y 308D
Shikhar Dhawan (IND)14010Y 271D
Viv Richards (WI)14113Y 214D
Joe Root (ENG)1418Y 169D
Sourav Ganguly (IND)1478Y 289D
AB de Villiers (SA)1478Y 282D
Michael Hayden (AUS)15414Y 288D

Fastest to 7000 Runs in ODI

This chart shows a clear jump from two modern-day greats, Rohit Sharma and AB de Villiers, for they took only 19 innings for the transition from 6000 to 7000 ODI runs milestone. But, again, Amla and Virat share the limelight for being the top two at this juncture.

Hashim Amla (SA)1509Y 81D
Virat Kohli (IND)1617Y 152D
AB de Villiers (SA)1669Y 285D
Sourav Ganguly (IND)1749Y 186D
Rohit Sharma (IND)18111Y 92D
Brian Lara (WI)18310Y 178D
Martin Guptill (NZ)18613Y 84D
Desmond Haynes (WI)18713Y 295D
Jacques Kallis (SA)1888Y 224D
Ross Taylor (NZ)18811Y 361D

Fastest to 8000 Runs in ODI

Inarticle 80

Finally, the long chase of Virat Kohli succeeded as he overtook his South African counterpart to win the podium position by being faster by 1 innings. Virat only needed 14 innings for 7000 to 8000, clearly the best phase of his career. ABD took 16 innings, whereas Rohit moved 8000 in 19.

Virat Kohli (IND)1758Y 301D
Hashim Amla (SA)17611Y 102D
AB de Villiers (SA)18210Y 205D
Sourav Ganguly (IND)20010Y 302D
Rohit Sharma (IND)20011Y 263D
Ross Taylor (NZ)20312Y 356D
Sachin Tendulkar (IND)2109Y 172D
Brian Lara (WI)21112Y 204D
MS Dhoni (IND)2149Y 39D
Saeed Anwar (PAK)21812Y 102D

Fastest to 9000 Runs in ODI

Virat’s dream run continues as he moved from 8000 to 9000 in 19 innings and kept his No. 1 position. Although, Rohit Sharma, the ODI monster, needed only 17. Find out Rohit’s ODI career graph – his rise in ODI batting numbers year by year, in this blog.

Virat Kohli (IND)1949Y 72D
AB de Villiers (SA)20512Y 23D
Rohit Sharma (IND)21712Y 210D
Sourav Ganguly (IND)22811Y 363D
Sachin Tendulkar (IND)23510Y 92D
Brian Lara (WI)23914Y 66D
Ricky Ponting (AUS)24211Y 18D
Jacques Kallis (SA)24211Y 98D
MS Dhoni (IND)24411Y 305D
Mohammad Yousuf (PAK)24510Y 14D

The Wrap

You can find the top ten fastest and slowest batsmen to reach 10000 runs in ODI in this 10K-special article.

Like I started this blog, with the batting in cricket becoming much easier, the above records are never going to stay put, and we will be there to provide you with the updates here and then.

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