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Top 10: Highest Successful Run Chases in T20 World Cup History

Posting huge totals on the scoreboard has become a regular sight in the T20I format. And it is a must if teams play in high-stakes T20 World Cup matches.

Batters are making a fool out of bowlers by using their power-hitting skills and piling up runs. However, chasing a mammoth total comes with a lot of pressure, as teams need to keep up with the asking rate.

The T20 World Cup, though, has seen teams gun down massive targets with ease on several occasions. This article will list the top 10 instances of the highest successful run chases in T20 World Cup history.

Highest Successful Run Chases in T20 World Cup

England230/8230South AfricaWankhede18 Mar 2016
South Africa208/2206West IndiesJohannesburg11 Sep 2007
U.S.A.197/3195CanadaDallas1 Jun 2024
Australia197/7192PakistanGros Islet14 May 2010
West Indies196/3193IndiaWankhede31 Mar 2016
Netherlands193/4190IrelandSylhet21 Mar 2014
England190/4190Sri LankaChattogram27 Mar 2014
West Indies183/4183EnglandWankhede16 Mar 2016
Ireland180/4177ScotlandHobart19 Oct 2022
West Indies179/4179AustraliaMirpur28 Mar 2014

Key Insights

England holds the record for the highest successful run chase in T20 World Cup history. The 2-time world champions gunned down the 230-run target against South Africa in 2016.

England has also scored the highest total in an unsuccessful run chase. They managed to reach 200 runs while pursuing the target of 219 set by India in the 2007 edition.

South Africa’s 229 runs in the first innings and England’s 230 runs in the second innings totalled 459 runs — the highest aggregate runs in T20 World Cup history.

Thus far, there are only 2 instances of teams successfully chasing down 200+ run targets in the T20 competition. In the 2007 edition, South Africa became the first-ever team to hunt down a 200+ run target.

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