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How should a winning fantasy cricket team look like?

Fantasy cricket games are literally played by everyone now. Picking up a fantasy squad for a cricket games online is similar to picking a playing XI for a team. One should always pick players based on the match condition, player’s availability, opposition strength, and previous performances. Some might say you should go with more all-rounders than your specialists; some might even debate going with all the famous players who are picked by others, or just fill your team with the top players from both the sides.

But, a fantasy team which can win you money should be picked based on many other things, mainly involving players who fit right into the match scenarios. For instance, you shouldn’t be picking all-rounders who’re the 6th bowling option and bats deep, in the rain affected cricket match. Instead, you should go with the top order batsmen and the primary wicket-takers of your team for the shortened games. And, there are much more strategies like this, which vary with every match conditions.

Let’s dive right away into the tips and strategies you should consider before creating a successful fantasy cricket team.

Strategies and Tips

Most of the fantasy cricket games will ask you to pick a team combo which can have a maximum of 4 Wicket Keepers, 6 batsmen, 4 All-rounders, and 6 bowlers.

It is crucial to pick the right combo for the game. You have the opportunity to choose the best players out of both teams.

In most cases, it is better to go with all-rounders who can give you points in more than one way. For instance, missing out Ben Stokes in your team can cost you high. Always have these players in your team, but pick them as one of the captains based on the format and other match scenarios, as I mentioned above.

An in-form top-order batsman is always a must in any fantasy team, irrespective of the formats they play. Pick two or three batsmen who can give you points right from the start and give you an early advantage.

Look out for the hidden fishes that are often missed out by the others in the team. It will give you an upper hand as these will be bonus points for you. To do this better, look out for the previous games and do proper player analysis before the match.

Now, there comes the wicket-keepers, who are literally like all-rounders, who give you points in two ways from a single pick. Keepers who bat at the top are unavoidable in any successful teams.

Middle-order batsmen are always hard to predict. It all depends on how many balls they will face. My advice would be to go for the middle-order batsman from the team that bats first. Chasing can restrict the middle-order batsmen’s ability to score high, and there will always be pressure in chases. Also it is wise to avoid them on rain possible games as the reduce in overs will leave the middle-order batters very less time to score. Check here for a guide to pick a fantasy team for a rain-affected games.

Bowlers are also left with very few options in a T20 format. They will have to pick up wickets to get you points. So, go for bowlers whose strike-rate seldom diminishes.

Pick bowlers who will bowl in power-plays and the dead-overs, so that you can get more wicket points.

It is also essential to spread your team in a way that you get points in every duration of a match. Don’t order your batsmen from one side, and lose the other team’s run points. Do the same with bowlers and all-rounders.

Picking up the Captain and Vice-Captain of the team also needs a lot of work. Don’t go with your favorite players or the top player from the teams. Pick a player who is expected to play well in that particular match condition and against the specific opponents.

Finally, simulate the match in your mind after the toss and announcement of players’ list. Go through it based on all the strategies which we discussed above, and then pick your team.

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