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“Impact Player” Rule in IPL 2023: Explained

IPL is, without an iota of doubt, the biggest T20 professional league on the planet. Even after its 15 years of existence and the formation of many similar T20 leagues, the Indian Premier League has always remained at the top of the peril over the course. Though IPL is cash rich, the quality of cricket being played in the league is second to none, and the BCCI has, time & again, tried to keep the onlookers even more excited by introducing many new aspects to the IPL.

For instance, the playoffs model, where the top-2 teams get multiple shots at the final, is a huge hit among the masses, and now it is being used as a norm across most of the leagues. Also, the front foot no-ball being monitored by the 3rd umpire was first used in the IPL, and now ICC is following a similar suit across international games.

Likewise, in the Tata IPL 2023 edition, we will see a brand new feature in the IPL, and it will be the first of its kind in the lucrative league. Yes, we are talking about the Impact Player rule, and it is set to make its appearance in this brand-new season of IPL. This new rule is intended to add a new tactical, strategic dimension to the game, according to the IPL decision-makers.

So this article, we will drill down deep to know what the Impact Player rule set to take effect from March 31 onwards is all about.

What is the “Impact Player” rule?

As per the rules & laws put forth by the BCCI and IPL governing council, the impact player is one substitute who can come into the team and both bat & bowl.

However, the player will be an Indian unless the teams go into the match with 3 foreigners or fewer. In general, a team can have a maximum of 4 overseas players in their Playing XI since the inception of the league.

Here are some facts about the newest addition (Impact Player) to the IPL

  1. We all know that the teams name a playing XI before the coin toss, and the captains share the team sheet. So, in addition to that, a team now will have to list four substitutes, and they can use any one of the four subs (only them) as their Impact Player during the course of the game. However, it is not compulsory for the side to use the Impact Player in the game.
  2. The player who is being substituted out by an Impact Player cannot take further part in the game in any capacity (not even as a substitute fielder of the team).
  3. It is said that the captain can bring the nominated Impact Player in these stages of the game – before the start of innings, at the end of an over, at the fall of a wicket, or when a batter retires. But when a bowling skipper brings in the Impact Player at the fall of a wicket or when a batter retires, he cannot bowl the remaining balls in that particular over.
  4. As mentioned earlier, the Impact player should be an Indian as long as the team has all 4 of its overseas players in the playing XI. Should they name only 3 overseas players in their starting XI, then the Impact Player can be an overseas player, and that player should be one of the 4 substitutes named.
  5. Impact Player doesn’t mean that more than 11 players can bat from a particular team. If a replaced player has either batted or retired out, the Impact Player is only allowed to bowl in that game.
  6. But the Impact Player being brought in on the bowling side can bowl his full quota of overs at any stage of the game.
  7. There will be no change in the Impact Player rule if the game is truncated and not 20 overs per side.

IPL 2023 season will start with a banger of a game between the defending champions Gujarat Titans (GT) and 4-time Champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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