Top 10: Batsman with Most 90s in ODI Cricket

Nervous 90s Nervous 90s, what could be a more thrilling heartbeat racer thing than this? For the players, it is definitely the hardest ten runs they score because of the pressure they have to convert their fifty into a hundred, and at this stage, even if you don’t like the player, you would still hope the person reaches the magical figure of 3 digits.

Some players hit two maximums. Some go for two boundaries and a couple to end this thing; some succeed, and some don’t. Many crumble to the pressure created; many get out by taking the game slow or when dealing in doubles and singles.

Here, in this article, we look at some players on the wrong side of this 90s phase.

With this follows a list showing the top 10 batsmen with the most ODI 90s

#10 Dean Jones – 6 times

Late former Australian middle order great Dean Jones, who passed away a couple of years ago, should be counted as one of the pioneers to have re-defined the ODI batting approach. He did it by scoring runs at a bit brisker rate than normal for that time duration and a time of dominant bowler era. In doing so, he had many nervous 90 situations. And he got out in 6 of those matches.

#9 Martin Crowe – 6 times

Considered the best batsman from New Zealand, Martin Crowe is the next one to be part of this list. Although he has always been known for his Test cricket performances, he had a good enough contribution in ODIs as well. Despite having various injuries throughout his career, he still stood tall and made many improvisations for which he is still known. He had four centuries that could have been 10 if not for falling in the nervous 90 phases.

#8 Mohammed Azharuddin – 7 times

Next, we have Azhar, among the very few cricketers to have a maiden century in their debut match. Known for his aggressive brand of cricket, this prodigy went on to be one of the really good middle-order batsmen. He doesn’t have a high average or strike rate but has been a vital cog in many of India’s wins. He was dismissed seven times in the nervous 90s phase.

#7 Shikhar Dhawan – 7 times

Mr. ICC, they call him fondly, and rightly they say. This flamboyant southpaw batsman has been one of the main pillars of the Indian batting lineup for the past decade and has contributed nicely. He has given good starts in many games with his great strokes and aggressive approach. His 17 hundred scores could have been 25 had it not been for the missed chances in the 90s phase.

#6 Jacques Kallis – 8 times

If not, the best should be counted in the top 3 list of all-rounders to play the game. His skills made him become a great asset for Proteas. He has always been contributing well enough, whether bowling, batting, or fielding. This former Protea mainstay could not get those last 10 runs to complete his century eight times.

#5 Kane Williamson – 8 times

Scoring good runs consistently has been a great hobby for this guy since his starting years. Nothing troubles him much, whether pace or spin, making him a good batsman. Another thing worth noting about this guy is his ability to score runs in those nail-biting situations. Unfortunately, he has been unable to score those ten runs at last to reach that magical triple-digit figure 8 times.

#4 Aravinda De Silva – 9 times

This right-handed batting legend had been vital for the Sri Lankan batting lineup. His clever batting approach has always been the reason for his success. He got out nine times, failing to get off the nervous 90s phase.

#3 Nathan Astle – 9 times

Only among the very people to have scored more than 7000 ODI runs for New Zealand, this gritty all-rounder comes up next. He has had the record for having the fastest double hundred in Tests. His all-round brilliance has helped him perform well in ODIs as well. He has five centuries against India too. He got out nine times after reaching the 90 marks in One Day Internationals.

#2 Grant Flower – 9 times

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Now we have the Zimbabwean legend, the younger of the Grant brothers, who bought recognition and craze of cricket to Zimbabwe. Yes, he should be up here for this list at this position. His records would seem quite underwhelming if we see the hundreds column. If not for getting out early in that 90-100 runs barrier, he could have had 15 hundred scores. Find out who has added more centuries for Zimbabwe in ODI here.

#1 Sachin Tendulkar – 18 times

At the top, as usual of any list, we are accustomed to seeing this guy’s name pop up. God of cricket, we call him. Surely he wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of this list, but sadly he is out here too. Man, his records are just so awesome this guy has 49 ODI hundreds to his name, which could have been 67 hundreds if not for getting out in the nervous nineties phase. Yes, this guy got out 18 times in that run phase.

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