Sachin Tendulkar Records – An Infographic

Indeed!!! Sachin Tendulkar is not, the God of Cricket for No Reason. Still, Sachin Tendulkar Career Stats stands tall even after his retirement from Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar’s records never retire from Cricket. He has been the permanent name in the Cricket records when it comes to batting.

Sachin’s total runs in ODI and Test Career have added up to multiple records in International Cricket. As a tribute to the little master’s batting triumphs, Cricindeed presents you with the Infographic on Sachin’s entire Career Records in Cricket. It includes Sachin Tendulkar’s total number centuries and runs in both test and ODI.

A Special mention on Sachin Tendulkar’s World Cup Stats will show his ability to perform at the Most Pressure Situations. His competitor’s scores are also mentioned in the pic.

The Sachin InfoGraphics

Sachin Tendulkar Infographics
Sachin Cricket Records Infographics

[I have tried my best in making information looks in a way that it is more meaningful. Test stats and ODI stats are replicated in white and blue colors respectively. Also, the players who are 2nd to Sachin’s records are also been mentioned in few cases.]

Can Virat Kohli break Sachin Tendulkar records?

  • Big-city roads go traffic-less and trains and buses ply empty at rush hour and the markets take a beating
  • India forgets its differences and divisions and teeters between tensions and exhilaration and breathes and laughs and cries as one, as its heart fills with pride and joy and patriotism
  • Grandmothers who know next to nothing about the game forget knitting and resting and medicines and pray their gods as they sit frozen, staring nervously at their television screen.
  • Commentators and experts run out of adjectives and expressions of wonder and comparisons

Sachin will always be our God. Records are meant to be broken and I hope Kohli creates a new set of them for next the Indian generation to break.

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