Most Consecutive 5 & 10-Wicket hauls in Test Cricket

Charlie Turner, the Australian fast bowler, picked up six consecutive 5-wicket hauls in 6 straight innings against England in 1888. The record still stands for the most consecutive 5-wicket hauls in Test cricket.

Most Consecutive 5-Wicket Hauls in Test Cricket

Consecutive 5W HaulsPlayerBowling FiguresAgainstVenueDate
6Charlie Turner (AUS)5/44EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888
7/43EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888
5/27EnglandLord’s16 Jul 1888
5/36EnglandLord’s16 Jul 1888
6/112EnglandThe Oval13 Aug 1888
5/86EnglandManchester30 Aug 1888
5Tom Richardson (ENG)6/104AustraliaMelbourne
1 Mar 1895
6/39AustraliaLord’s22 Jun 1896
5/134AustraliaLord’s22 Jun 1896
7/168AustraliaManchester16 Jul 1896
6/76AustraliaManchester16 Jul 1896
5Alec Bedser (ENG)5/27IndiaManchester17 Jul 1952
5/41IndiaThe Oval14 Aug 1952
7/55AustraliaNottingham11 Jun 1953
7/44AustraliaNottingham11 Jun 1953
5/105AustraliaLord’s25 Jun 1953
5Shane Shillingford (WI)6/49ZimbabweBridgetown12 Mar 2013
5/59ZimbabweRoseau20 Mar 2013
5/34ZimbabweRoseau20 Mar 2013
6/167IndiaEden Gardens6 Nov 2013
5/179IndiaWankhede14 Nov 2013
4Johnny Briggs (ENG)6/49AustraliaAdelaide
24 Mar 1892
6/87AustraliaAdelaide24 Mar 1892
5/34AustraliaThe Oval14 Aug 1893
5/114AustraliaThe Oval14 Aug 1893
4Sydney Barnes (ENG)5/57South AfricaDurban13 Dec 1913
5/48South AfricaDurban13 Dec 1913
8/56South AfricaJohannesburg26 Dec 1913
9/103South AfricaJohannesburg26 Dec 1913
4Jim Laker (ENG)5/58AustraliaLeeds12 Jul 1956
6/55AustraliaLeeds12 Jul 1956
9/37AustraliaManchester26 Jul 1956
10/53AustraliaManchester26 Jul 1956
4Fred Trueman (ENG)6/100West IndiesLord’s20 Jun 1963
5/52West IndiesLord’s20 Jun 1963
5/75 West IndiesBirmingham4 Jul 1963
7/44West IndiesBirmingham4 Jul 1963
4Dennis Lillee (AUS)5/51New ZealandAuckland25 Feb 1977
6/72New ZealandAuckland25 Feb 1977
6/26EnglandMelbourne12 Mar 1977
5/139EnglandMelbourne12 Mar 1977
4Rodney Hogg (AUS)5/65EnglandPerth15 Dec 1978
5/57EnglandPerth15 Dec 1978
5/30EnglandMelbourne29 Dec 1978
5/36EnglandMelbourne29 Dec 1978
4Imran Khan (PAK)8/60IndiaKarachi
23 Dec 1982
6/98IndiaFaisalabad3 Jan 1983
5/82IndiaFaisalabad3 Jan 1983
6/35IndiaHyderabad (Sind)14 Jan 1983
4Malcolm Marshall (WI)5/82AustraliaBrisbane23 Nov 1984
5/69AustraliaAdelaide7 Dec 1984
5/38AustraliaAdelaide7 Dec 1984
5/86AustraliaMelbourne22 Dec 1984
4Waqar Younis (PAK)7/86New ZealandLahore
18 Oct 1990
7/76New ZealandFaisalabad26 Oct 1990
5/54New ZealandFaisalabad26 Oct 1990
5/76New ZealandKarachi15 Nov 1990
4Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)5/94IndiaChennai28 Jan 1999
5/93IndiaChennai28 Jan 1999
5/94IndiaDelhi4 Feb 1999
5/122IndiaDelhi4 Feb 1999
4Harbhajan Singh (IND)7/123AustraliaEden Gardens11 Mar 2001
6/73AustraliaEden Gardens11 Mar 2001
7/133AustraliaEden Gardens18 Mar 2001
8/84AustraliaEden Gardens18 Mar 2001
4Muthiah Muralidaran (SL)5/13BangladeshColombo (SSC)6 Sep 2001
5/98BangladeshColombo (SSC)6 Sep 2001
6/126West IndiesGalle13 Nov 2001
5/44West IndiesGalle13 Nov 2001
4Shane Warne (AUS)5/116Sri LankaGalle8 Mar 2004
5/43Sri LankaGalle8 Mar 2004
5/65Sri LankaKandy16 Mar 2004
5/90Sri LankaKandy16 Mar 2004

Fun note: Charlie Turner was the first player whose bowling speed was measured in Cricket.

Bonus Stat: Sydney Barnes of England tops the list for the most 5-wicket hauls in a Test series. He picked up p seven 5-wicket hauls against South Africa in 1914.

Most Consecutive 10-Wicket Hauls in Test Cricket

Consecutive 10W HaulsPlayerBowling FiguresAgainstVenueDate
4Muthiah Muralidaran (SL)11/196IndiaColombo (SSC)29 Aug 2001
10/111BangladeshColombo (SSC)6 Sep 2001
11/170West IndiesGalle13 Nov 2001
10/135West IndiesKandy21 Nov 2001
4Muthiah Muralidaran (SL)10/115EnglandBirmingham25 May 2006
11/132EnglandNottingham2 Jun 2006
10/172South AfricaColombo (SSC)27 Jul 2006
12/225South AfricaColombo (SSC)4 Aug 2006
3Clarrie Grimmett (AUS)10/88South AfricaCape Town1 Jan 1936
10/110South AfricaJohannesburg15 Feb 1936
13/173South AfricaDurban28 Feb 1936
2Charlie Turner (AUS)12/87EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888
10/63EnglandLord’s16 Jul 1888
2Johnny Briggs (ENG)12/136Australia Adelaide24 Mar 1892
10/148AustraliaThe Oval14 Aug 1893
2George Lohmann (ENG)15/45South AfricaGqeberha13 Feb 1896
12/71South AfricaJohannesburg2 Mar 1896
2Tom Richardson (ENG)11/173AustraliaLord’s22 Jun 1896
13/244AustraliaManchester16 Jul 1896
2Hugh Trumble (AUS)10/128England Manchester24 Jul 1902
12/173England The Oval11 Aug 1902
2Sydney Barnes (ENG)10/115South AfricaLeeds8 Jul 1912
13/57South AfricaThe Oval12 Aug 1912
2Sydney Barnes (ENG)10/105South AfricaDurban13 Dec 1913
17/159South AfricaJohannesburg26 Dec 1913
2Arthur Mailey (AUS)10/302EnglandAdelaide14 Jan 1921
13/236EnglandMelbourne11 Feb 1921
2Tich Freeman (ENG)10/207South AfricaLeeds13 Jul 1929
12/171South AfricaManchester27 Jul 1929
2Alec Bedser (ENG)11/145IndiaLord’s22 Jun 1946
11/93India Manchester20 Jul 1946
2Jim Laker (ENG)11/113AustraliaLeeds
12 Jul 1956
19/90AustraliaManchester26 Jul 1956
2Fred Trueman (ENG)11/152West IndiesLord’s20 Jun 1963
12/119West IndiesBirmingham4 Jul 1963
2Dennis Lillee (AUS)11/123New ZealandAuckland
25 Feb 1977
11/165EnglandMelbourne12 Mar 1977
2Rodney Hogg (AUS)10/122EnglandPerth15 Dec 1978
10/66EnglandMelbourne29 Dec 1978
2Imran Khan (PAK)11/79India Karachi23 Dec 1982
11/180IndiaFaisalabad3 Jan 1983
2Abdul Qadir (PAK)10/211EnglandThe Oval6 Aug 1987
13/101EnglandLahore25 Nov 1987
2Waqar Younis (PAK)10/106New ZealandLahore18 Oct 1990
12/130New ZealandFaisalabad26 Oct 1990
2Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)10/187India Chennai28 Jan 1999
10/216India Delhi4 Feb 1999
2Harbhajan Singh (IND)13/196AustraliaEden Gardens11 Mar 2001
15/217AustraliaChennai18 Mar 2001
2Shane Warne (AUS)10/159Sri Lanka Galle8 Mar 2004
10/155Sri Lanka Kandy16 Mar 2004
2Makhaya Ntini (SA)10/178AustraliaJohannesburg31 Mar 2006
10/145New Zealand Centurion15 Apr 2006
2DW Steyn (SA)10/93New Zealand Johannesburg8 Nov 2007
10/91New Zealand Centurion16 Nov 2007

Muttiah Muralitharan, the leading 5-wicket hauls and 10-wicket hauls taker in Test cricket, also tops the list for the most consecutive 10-wicket hauls in Test cricket. He has picked four consecutive 10-wicket hauls twice in his career (once in 2001 & once in 2006).

Sydney Barns is another bowler on the list who has picked up consecutive 10-wicket hauls twice in his Test career.

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