Top 10: Most Wickets Against an Opponent for India in Tests

In cricket, there will always be a favourite opposition for a player, be it a batter or bowler. They will have an extra bit of liking for a single opponent, whether it is scoring truckloads of runs or picking chunks of wickets in a game.

One reason could be the familiarity of the players with the opposition and knowing their strengths & weaknesses, having played against them a lot. Also, this is possible only because of the longevity of their respective careers.

A player with a relatively long career will get to play against a single opponent more than otherwise. As far as Indian cricketers are concerned, they tend to play more versus Australia or England more often than say New Zealand or South Africa in Tests, historically.

This automatically reflects on their career graph, and here let’s see the most number of wickets taken by an Indian bowler against a single opponent in Tests.

Most Test Wickets Against an Opponent for India

Ravi Ashwin 42114Australia28.367/1
Ravi Ashwin 45114England27.728/1
Anil Kumble38111Australia30.3210/2
Kapil Dev4599Pakistan30.127/1
Bhagwath Chandrasekhar3895England27.278/0
Harbhajan Singh3595Australia29.957/3
Anil Kumble3692England30.594/1
Ravindra Jadeja3289Australia19.295/1
Kapil Dev4189West Indies24.894/1
Bishen Singh Bedi3685England29.874/0

Key Insights

Ravindra Jadeja’s bowling average of 19.29 against Australia is the second-lowest for a bowler with 85 or more wickets. Only Bobby Peel (101 scalps) of England has a better average (16.98) against the formidable Aussies.

Ravi Ashwin has taken 100 or more wickets against both Australia and England. He is the only Indian bowler to take more than 100 wickets against 2 sides. While Anil Kumble has done this against Australia, he just about missed against England, as he ended with 92 wickets.

Legendary skipper Kapil Dev could have been on this elite list had he taken 1 more wicket against arch-rivals Pakistan, but he did take 50+ plus wickets against 3 other sides. Apart from Pakistan, Kapil took 50 or more wickets against the West Indies (89), England (85), and Australia (79).

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Overall, there are 40 instances of an Indian bowler taking 50 or more Test scalps against an opponent.

Ravi Ashwin has 50 or more wickets against 6 sides. The West Indies (75), New Zealand (66), Sri Lanka (62), and South Africa (57) are the other 4 opponents. (Check out Ashwin’s in-depth Test bowling stats here.)

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It is only bettered by Kumble, who has 50+ wickets against 7 different oppositions — New Zealand (50), the West Indies and Sri Lanka (74 each), Pakistan (81), and South Africa (84).

Former skipper Bishen Singh Bedi also has 4 opponents against whom he has picked more than 50 wickets — England (85), the West Indies (62), New Zealand (57), and Australia (56).

The same is the case of Harbhajan Singh, who has 95 against Australia, 60 against South Africa, 56 against the West Indies, and 53 against Sri Lanka.

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