The Rise of Cricket around the World

The sport that began being played in the 16th century, grew to have a place in the hearts of fans all over the world; it has remained closely tied to its roots, but in recent years cricket has expanded to new countries it previously did not have a strong presence in.

Popular in countries influenced by the English like India, Australia, and the West Indies, cricket has a solid fan base, plus organized institutions, basically, all the tools to win over many more fans.

Thanks to a world that is becoming increasingly connected, cricket has managed to gain more attention in different parts of the globe.

A growing interest in cricket has inspired people to form their own leagues, create result tracking websites like Cricket and Sportsadda, and it has increased audiences that tune in to the games. 

The future of cricket looks bright thanks to these possibilities, ranging in sizes and passion, let’s discover the new land feeling the pull of the game: 

The German expansion

It is one of the fastest-growing countries in terms of cricket development, second in terms of numbers of players in Europe behind the Netherlands. 

The sport has a long history in Germany where it was once popular and then nearly disappeared after a ban during the Second World War, but it soon returned thanks to the British troops that passed through Germany. 

Now german fans can play in or watch more than 400 clubs, at different levels, a striking growth compared to the 60 or so the nation had in the decades before. 

Many point to the german immigration laws as one of the factors in the growth of cricket there, making it easy to build a good team by bringing in strong players from Asia and other regions.  

This way, Germany is definitely one of the countries to keep an eye on in terms of the expanding reach of cricket. 

The Afghanistan dream 

Introduced into the country by Afghan refugees who fled to Pakistan, and after returning to their home brought cricket with them as well, it is a pretty new addition into the sports culture of Afghanistan. 

The game has been popular near the region that borders Pakistan, a country known for its passion for cricket. 

Cricket was condemned and prohibited during the Taliban rule that began in 1996; the ban was lifted in 2000, allowing people to enjoy the game once again. 

Now the country boasts of national teams, leagues, and representation that keeps expanding, for many, it has been a source of pride and joy that lifts spirits. 

The luck of the Irish 

Northern Ireland, which usually joins Great Britain in its sports representation with few exceptions, like cricket, has its own team and it is gaining attention from all over.

The team has been improving consistently through the years, helping the sport acquire more fans overall. For the people of Northern Ireland, the possibility of playing and winning as their own team has been a great motivator. 

It is one of the fastest-growing sports in the region, hoping to keep the pace steady and accomplish goals at an international level against the bigger names in the sport. 

The big ones: China and USA

These are the two biggest countries that the governing body for cricket has been going after relentlessly. Because attracting an audience in either of the two would mean big money and a stronger cricket world.

USA Cricket Team
USA Cricket Team

Both countries have the kind of infrastructure to support bigger cricket presence, but convincing the people has been harder. 

The USA and China have established pastimes, including sports, so integrating a new one is going to be a big challenge; the reward being that it could make cricket grow like never before.

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