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What happens if it rains in the World Cup Finals? (CWC FAQs)

ODI World Cup is a cricket tournament with teams battling it out for the supremacy in the limited overs cricket.

Thanks to the Round-Robin format after 27 years in the game’s major tournament, CWC will see every team facing every other team in the tournament before deciding the top 4.

The CWC tournament, now, has 45 group games, 2 semi-finals and 1 final.

So, let’s see what will happen if it rains in the Cricket World games?

World Cup Rules on Washed Out games and Super Overs!

This article will be on the details on

  • How do NRR works?
  • Will there be reserve days?
  • What happens if there is a washout game?
  • What happens if the final is washed out?
  • Will there be Super-Over in this World Cup?

What happens if two or more teams are tied with the same point in the group stage?

The following Tiebreakers will be performed in case of more teams settling with the same point after the end of the group stage:

  1. Number of Wins
  2. Net Run Rate
  3. Head to Head game result
  4. Pre-tournament seeding

These tiebreakers will be used in the above mentioned order.

What happens if there is a rain-washout game?

Reserve days are only available for the semi-finals and finals.

There are no reserve days for group games, but the extra time has been allotted. A match can go on for 75 minutes past the scheduled close of play. In some cases, the match referee could extend play by a further hour beyond that.

What if the reserve day is also washed out?

If the reserve day for a semi-final is washed out, the team with the higher rank during the league stage qualifies for the final.

If the reserve day for the final is washed out, the trophy will be shared by the two finalists.

Will there be Super Overs?

Super Overs will be there only for semi-finals and final.

For a group stage game, the points will be shared within the teams, if there is a tie.

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