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What Happens if it Rains in the World Cup 2023 Final?

The 2023 Cricket World Cup event is going to start in India, with teams competing for dominance in limited-overs cricket. The 10 teams will play each other in a single round-robin format in the tournament before determining the top four. As a result, the elite competition is divided into 48 group games, two semi-finals, and one final played across 10 venues.

The final of the Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of One Day International (ODI) cricket. This grand finale is the culmination of weeks of rigorous competition in which teams compete for the greatest accolade.

The finals, which are going to be held on November 19 and which draw millions of people worldwide, are extremely important for players, teams, and cricket fans all around the world. As a result, any disruption due to bad weather could have wide-ranging effects.

What if it rains during the World Cup 2023 Finals?

Because of the magnitude of the event, when rain disrupts the Cricket World Cup Finals, the effects can be severe. The following things can happen if bad weather affects the finals in Ahmedabad:

Days Reserved

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the sport’s governing body, usually reserves days for elimination stage matches, including the final. These reserve days serve as a contingency plan in the event that the match cannot be finished on the initially scheduled day due to rain or other unforeseen circumstances.


Despite having a reserve day, continuous rain may result in a shortened final with fewer overs in some situations. This involves a tactical shift as teams adjust to the reduced format, potentially changing the outcome of the game.

Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) Method

If rain delays play, the DLS method will be used to calculate new targets for the team batting second. This creates a high-pressure situation, as chasing a changing target necessitates a different technique.

Discretion of the Umpire

The on-field umpires are ultimately responsible for making the decision to start or stop play due to rain. They examine the conditions and work with match officials to make informed judgements that prioritise the integrity of the game.

What if the rain washes away the game?

Reserve days are only available for the semi-final and final matches of the ODI World Cup 2023.

There are no days set aside for group games, but there is extra time available. A contest may continue for up to 75 minutes after its planned end time. In some instances, the match referee may decide to extend the game past an hour.

What if the reserve day is also washed out?

If the reserve day for the semi-finals is cancelled, the team rated higher in the league stage will advance to the final.

If the final, i.e., November 19, is cancelled, the prize will be split between the two finalists.


Rain is an unpredictable component that can add excitement and unpredictability to cricket matches, particularly the Cricket World Cup 2023 Finals. While rain delays can be upsetting for both players and fans, the sport has created methods and laws to mitigate them and assure equitable competition.

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