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IPL 2020: 5 Players who can win Orange Cap this year

2020 is already rolling, and soon IPL will be back. Are you eager to know who will clinch the Orange Cap and stand out as the highest run-scorer for this season?

Well, several talented players will likely try to clinch the Cap this year in Dubai.

And if you are a punter, then you’ll agree that the following five players have higher chances of winning Orange Cap in IPL 2020:

1. Virat Kohli

rcb fantasy options
Virat Kohli – RCB

After managing 973 runs in only sixteen matches, Virat Kohli still holds the unbeatable record in which he also clinched the Orange Cap in 2016. Remember, Virat Kohli did not start appearing in IPL fixtures yesterday as he has a wild yet successful career spinning from right 2008 to date.  Moreover, his management seems satisfied with his performance, and they’ll not let him go any soon, which tells you how much they are expecting from him too!

2. Chris Lynn

Lynn - Narine - kkr openers
Chris Lynn – Sunil Narine – KKR

Chris Lynn is an international batsman who has had the privilege to play in top-class leagues across the world. Chris is picked by Mumbai Indians this season, after he was released by his former team Kolkata Knight Riders. His performance in 2019 season did not disappoint, and therefore we shouldn’t act surprised when he carries home the Orange Cap in 2020.

3. David Warner

If there is a player that you would trust to be in any top scorers chart, then that has to be David Warner. Warner is not only talented, but he loves IPL to death, and he wouldn’t trade anything for his new chance after his ban was lifted in 2019. Moreover, if he pairs with someone like Bairstow, then this coming season will be unstoppable for Warner, and he will likely clinch the Orange Cap. In addition to that, his team depends on him, and he, therefore, has to up his game than ever. Remember, Warner has managed to keep a record of an IPL overseas player with the highest number of runs. This is not forgetting that he managed 692 runs in twelve matches alone last year!

4. Jonny Bairstow

jonny bairstow SRH

For a player like Jonny Bairstow, his reputation precedes him, and it shouldn’t be a surprise when he gets away with the Orange Cap in IPL 2020. Unlike last season, this time around we expect more from this champ as he has already confirmed his availability throughout the season. Jonny Bairstow’s last season performance is a clear indication of an athlete who knows no impossibilities when it comes to cricket. If he was able to manage 445 runs in only ten matches, then this is a player worth your watch and expectation as he clinches the IPL Orange cap in 2020!

5. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma T20 Centuries
Inarticle 80

Without a doubt, you should prepare to watch Rohit Sharma lift the Orange Cap title as he has not looked back since he clinched the captainship of Mumbai Indians in 2013. Moreover, who doesn’t know that Rohit Sharma is the king of sixes?

In his IPL career alone, Rohit Sharma has managed more than 4000 runs, yet he is still set to hit his peak “hay” days. Rohit is not a player to underestimate, especially after hitting 5 Centuries in the ODI World Cup 2019.

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