Virat Kohli T20 Stats – A Complete Lookup

Virat’s T20 records & stats stand out in every aspect when compared with the other International batsmen.

He is one of the giants in T20 for his stats and the rate at which he scores.

The only negative thing on his T20 batting stats is, Kohli has no centuries in T20I, so far – a fact that he would like to change in the coming days.

With World Cup T20 arriving soon in 2022, I think this could be the best time, we can catch up with the Indian captain’s T20 stats and records.

So now, let’s dive deep into Virat Kohli batting records in T20.

Get ready to freak out.

Virat Kohli – T20 Stats

Here are Virat’s T20 stats:

Strike Rate138.15
High Score122*
Not Outs31

Virat Kohli has been a regular member of the top 10 run scorers in T20I.

He is the first batsman to reach 3000 runs in the format.

His count of fifties is, anyways, the maximum by any batsmen in the format.

And, the best part is, he is not done yet.

Virat Kohli’s Batting Average in T20

“Virat Kohli and batting average” is a different story altogether.

He is the only player in International Cricket to have more than 50 Averages in ODI, Test, and T20.

Edit: Virat Kohli’s Test average has gone down a bit lower than 50 now.

The tag “Highest Average in T20 International” for players with at least 50 innings belongs to him.

Even Babar Azam, averaging above 50 in T20s, failed to grab onto the milestone average after playing 60 T20 games. You can find here the comparison (both technically and statistically) between Virat and Babar in this blog.

And Virat’s strike rate is around 137, which is brilliant for the consistency he holds.

Virat Kohli against Australia

We know very well, how much Australians hate to lose.

But, players like Virat has this habit of being at their own best against their toughest opponents.

Virat Kohli has 718 Runs against Australia in 18 T20 Innings; 7 fifties.

Kohli against australia

And, this is the most runs scored against Australia in T20 internationals by any batsman. This man is pulling up all the thresholds in the world of batting.

His average against Australia so far in T20s is around 60, and he is striking at a rate of 145 here.

Virat leads the chart of most fours against Australia in T20 – 55.

Also, his 7 50+ scores help him top the chart for the most fifties against Australia in T20s. The second being Chris Gayle with 4.

Virat loves playing against Aussies. Isn’t it?

Nobody would have forgotten the T20 World Cup match against Australia, where Virat played a hell of an innings to put India in finals. 

Watch the highlights here…

Virat Kohli Chasing Records in T20

Virat is the chase master, we all know that.

This man must be eating targets for breakfast.

You can check here his chasing record in ODIs compared to other brilliant chasers of the format.

Virat the Chase Master

Even in T20, he leads the chart when it comes to Chasing.

Virat Kohli has scored 1778 Runs in T20 while chasing.

That means, he has got more than half of his total runs while batting second.

Virat has 18 fifties while chasing – Again, the best in the world.

Amazing, Isn’t it? And, it doesn’t stop here…

His average stands at 80+ while chasing in T20s.

And, this number goes up, when it comes to the successful chases.

Inarticle 80

His average while successfully chasing in T20 is already striking 130 mark.

Easily, he is the world’s best batsman in cricket while chasing.

The Bottom Line

These numbers above get even bigger with the fact that Virat played most of his T20I games against the top teams.

That is, almost 80% of his games, he has batted against the top 8 teams, with the major chunk (30) coming against Australia and England.

Also, Virat averages his best against Sri Lanka (94) and Pakistan (85) in T20s, and his least come against South Africa, against whom he scores at the rate of 29, so far.

So the bottom line is,

The numbers can’t get better for a batsman in a format where the runs are scored with a rush and wickets fall in a flash.

So, YES! Virat is the best batsman in T20s, statistically!

Or, at least, it is what I believe. Do you? Write to me in comments!

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