When a team sees a nurturing talent, the best a team can do is trust him and back him to see the player grow big. This is what RCB did when they saw Virat Kohli’s nurturing talent and the burning fire inside him to take on the world. When RCB retained Virat Kohli as their lone retainer before the IPL 2010 season, Virat was yet to play a World Cup game for India. Since then, he has played 3 ODI World Cups and led an Indian Test team to the Test World Championship final under his captaincy.

Virat was 19 years old when he first walked into the RCB dressing room. Now he is playing his 15th season for him, recording as the only player in the tournament to play for a single team every season so far. He has been their skipper for 9 years, from 2013 to 2021.

This article will list and analyze Virat Kohli’s yearly IPL batting stats from 2008 to till date.

(You could also find the same for his international career in this blog.)

Virat Kohli IPL Runs Year Wise

2024RCB1574161.75154.69113* 5/1

The Discussion

Starting with Virat’s best year in his IPL career, his runs tally in the 2016 edition stands tall for any player in a single IPL season. Check out the list of top 5 batsmen with the most runs in a single IPL season to understand how incredible it was that year for him. He scored four centuries in that season, making him the first to score more than 3 centuries in a single IPL season. He also recorded the best-ever partnership stand in the IPL history that year. In fact, the former Indian and RCB captain has his name carved thrice in the elite list of 200+ partnership scores in IPL.

You cannot discuss his stats without taking his 2016’s numbers into account. He has had 6 seasons where he batted at averages above 40 so far, and scored at an average of 81.08 in that season. Importantly, it is also the only season where he stroked at a rate above 150 throughout.

His captaincy numbers, though long, look mediocre when you compared to other successful captains in the league – Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni.

You should read about these 4 records of the RCB legend to understand about his impact on the league’s history.

As I am writing this article, he is the only player with 6000+ IPL runs, leading the runs chart.

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