Virat Kohli ODI & Test Performance (Year by Year)

Virat’s performances keep progressing year by year. His batting stats & records stay true to his superlative batting ability.

Now, Let’s dive deep into the world of Virat Kohli’s year-wise performances in Test & ODI cricket.

With adjectives failing to match his performances, Virat Kohli keeps upping the bar with his day to day cricket achievements. He is already a legend according to many Cricketing greats and minds.

Kohli literally has been the pinnacle of consistency for the last few years, especially in the limited overs cricket. And that doesn’t mean his test records can be meant less. Being there at top 5 run scorers in tests for the last two years shows his emergence in the longest format too.

Virat Kohli ODI Runs year by year

Virat Kohli’s any ODI Batting stats is a treat to watch for his fans and he is nearly destroying almost every batting record possible. His ODI runs have ascended vigorously year by year and he is already into the league of players with 10000 ODI runs mark.

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The most electrifying fact on his Batting records is the pace at which he is getting those runs. If you look at his ODI Centuries list, you will understand how fast he is getting into the mark of 50 ODI Centuries!

Sachin Tendulkar, the most ODI century scorer in the International cricket took 452 innings to get his 49 ODI Centuries. I know it’s not practical to compare two batsmen of a different era. But still, the pace at which, Virat is moving ahead is unbelievable.

Virat Kohli ODI Average statistics year-wise

And now let us look at the Virat Kohli’s ODI Average year by year, until 2017. Another story to tell.

Virat Kohli ODI Average Year by Year
Virat Kohli ODI Average Year by Year

Looking at Virat Kohli’s ODI average year by year, it is clear that the master batsman has never seen a lean year so far in his career. In 2008, when Virat started his International career in ODI, he just played 5 matches to average 31.80.

You can see how his performance raised in ODI format as the years passed, thanks to his ability to stay there till the end, especially while chasing. His average never gone down 45 apart from the year 2015 where he ended with 623 runs at an average of 36.65. And his averages while chasing is there at sky’s limit.

You can check his Chasing Records here.

Virat’s average stood more than 50.00 for 6 out of the 10 years he played. His last two years in ODI cricket were a dream run for any cricketer as he averaged 92.38 in 2016 & 76.84 in 2017.

No surprise as he ended as the leading ODI run scorer of 2017 & 2018. Virat has already been the leading run scorer for the year 2011 before, one of the important years in Indian cricket history.

Virat Kohli Test Statistics Yearwise

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Virat was known to be a limited overs cricketer for a long time. His shot-making and his hankering to score runs, instinctively make him an ODI natural.

But his performances in Test cricket lately proves different. Virat Kohli proved he can fit into the longer format too. Not just stopping there, he is currently one of the best longer format players in recent times, with an average of more than 50.

Now check Virat’s performance year-wise in Test Cricket…

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I was forced to add the 200 column as Virat has a bunch of it in his stats box. 6 Double Centuries to his name in a span of 2 years.

Virat Kohli scored 1215 & 1059 in the years- 2016 & 2017 respectively, with the average striking above 75 both the time.

He has scored 25 Test centuries so far and Double Centuries in Tests.

Virat’s test runs year by year

Virat Test Runs year by year
Virat Test Runs year by year (until 2017)


Over the last 8 years, Virat Kohli has evolved from an aggressive young batsman to a leader who leads a champion team on its way to its search for excellence. The dance between the longer, short & shorter formats as a captain and the main batsman in the team continues as Kohli might end up as the best batsman, who has ever played the game with almost every batting records in his pocket.

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I’ll leave you with one final thought on his fitness level, highlighting the importance of fitness in Virat Kohli’s cricketing career.

Virat Kohli is a Punjabi from Delhi, who loves his food. His great passion towards the game of Cricket made him get into the hardcore training and he maintains a wary diet to keep him fit for the role he has to play in the Indian cricket history.

Virat also makes sure his team around him should also follow the fitness regime. It was clearly seen when the Yo-Yo test in Indian cricket becomes an integral part of the selections.

Virat Kohli has still 6-7 years to go in cricket. It is a privilege for the current generation cricket fans to witness Virat Kohli’s journey towards excellence and one can only wonder what will be his final cricketing stats, he will end up with.

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