The Youngest and Oldest Debutants in Test Cricket

Making a debut for the national team is an ardent dream for any budding cricketer. Moreover, a Test debut is even more special considering the fact that it is the toughest format.

Debutants are certainly the most exciting players to watch as there’re always doubts if they belong to the level and if they’ll achieve as much as they aspire. With their greatest dream of playing Test cricket coming to reality, some players tend to rise to the occasion while some simply fail.

Discussing such test debutants and their achievements, here’s presenting you some of the records and stats around Test debutants:

Youngest Debutants in Test Cricket

When Pakistan’s Hasan Raza made his test debut at the tender age of 14 years and 227 days, he became the youngest Test debutant breaking the record of his countryman Mushtaq Mohammad.

The 10 youngest debutants in Test cricket are given below:

1Hasan Raza
14y 227dOCT 24, 1996ZimbabweFaisalabad
2Mushtaq Mohammad
15y 124dMAR 26, 1959West IndiesLahore
3Mohammad Sharif
15y 128dAPR 19, 2001ZimbabweBulawayo
4Aaqib Javed
16y 189dFEB 10, 1989New ZealandWellington
5Sachin Tendulkar
16y 205dNOV 15, 1989PakistanKarachi
6Aftab Baloch (PAK)16y 221dNOV 8, 1969New ZealandDhaka
7Talha Jubair (BAN)16y 223dJUL 21, 2002Sri LankaColombo (PSS)
8Nasim-ul-Ghani (PAK)16y 248dJAN 17, 1958West IndiesBridgetown
9Naseem Shah (PAK)16y 279dNOV 21, 2019AustraliaBrisbane
10Enamul Haque Jnr16y 320dOCT 21, 2003EnglandDhaka
Top 5 Youngest Debutants in Test Cricket

Key Facts

Pakistan has the habit of bringing in youngsters very early at their age to International cricket – the reason why you see lot of names from the Asian side in the above list. Six of the ten entrants are from Pakistan.

However, except for Sachin Tendulkar and Aaqib Javed (to an extend), no other player in the above list went on to set a successful career.

Oldest Debutants in Test Cricket

As staggering as it may sound, the oldest Test debutant is 35 years older than the youngest one. England’s James Southerton has held on to this record since 1877 and it’s very unlikely that it’ll ever be broken.

The 10 oldest Test debutants are listed below:

1James Southerton
49y 119dMAR 15, 1877AustraliaMelbourne
2Miran Bakhsh
47y 284dJAN 29, 1955IndiaLahore
3Donald Dearness Blackie
46y 256dDEC 14, 1928EnglandSydney
4Herbert Ironmonger
46y 237dNOV 30, 1928EnglandBrisbane
5Nelson Betancourt
42y 242dFEB 1, 1930EnglandPort of Spain
6Rockley Wilson (ENG)41y 337dFEB 25, 1921AustraliaSydney
7Rustomji Jamshedji (IND)41y 27dDEC 15, 1933EnglandMumbai
8Archie Wiles (WI)40y 345dJUL 22, 1933EnglandManchester
9Omar Henry (SA)40y 295dNOV 13, 1992IndiaDurban
10Sep Kinneir (ENG)40y 216dDEC 15, 1911AustraliaSydney
Top 5 Oldest debutants in Test Cricket

Key Stats

James Southerton, who still holds the record for the oldest cricketer to debut in Test cricket, played only two matches and picked seven wickets before retiring in 1879. Southerton was also the first cricketer to die when he fell to a short attack of pleurisy ten months after his retirement.

The highest number of Test matches any of the above ten cricketers played is 14 by Caribbean’s Nelson Betancourt. No other cricketer has played more than 4 Test matches.

Ed Joyce, who was part of Ireland’s first-ever Test match since the team’s recently acclaimed full-member status, is the only cricketer to debut at 37 in Tests in the 21st century. He was 39 years and 231 days old when Ireland played its inaugural Test match against Pakistan in 2018 in Dublin.

Rustomji Jamshedji, at the age of 41, is the oldest Indian cricketer to make his Test debut.

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