10 Unbreakable Sachin Tendulkar Records

There have been numerous incredible players to have graced the game of cricket. Furthermore, when we talk about the first-class rundown of players, Sachin Tendulkar is one such name that, as a rule, makes the rundown for the unequalled greats. 

Sachin Tendulkar’s legacy is one that probably no player will ever live up to. For 24 years, the man has engaged and captivated groups everywhere throughout the world with his magnificent strokeplay. 

Regularly called as the ‘God of cricket’ in India, he has a large group of records under his name. What’s more, out of those records there are numerous, which may never be broken in the future. 

Lets us go format-wise.


1) Most Test hundreds

There is a motivation behind why Test cricket is named as cricket’s customary configuration. It tests a player’s character as far as possible and the ones who come out of it without a hitch are viewed as legends. What’s more, this man has scored 51 centuries in the configuration, which is simply surprising. 

29 of his 51 tons came outside India while 17 of them came in the SENA nations (South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia), which has been the parameter to pass judgment on a batsman from subcontinent nowadays. These details basically demonstrate that Sachin Tendulkar wasn’t only a home track menace and beat the bowlers from all nations in a wide range of conditions. 

2) Most Test appearances 

It’s a fantasy for each player to represent to their nation in the red-ball position. One can just fantasy about playing 100 Test coordinates in their profession, and very few players were able to make the count to 150 Tests. And afterward, there’s Sachin who played 200 Tests, and his milestone 200th Test was his last game in global cricket. 

There are two kinds of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two, all others.

Andy Flower – Zimbabwean cricketer & coach

This will be a major request for any player to try and draw near to playing 200 Tests. Indeed, even a portion of the Australian greats like Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting could just play 168 matches each.

3) Only cricketer in history to score in excess of 13000 runs in a single batting position.

Sachin Unbreakable Test cricket records

Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer in history to score over 13000 runs in a solitary batting position. 

In the 275 innings that he played at No.4 for India, the little ace scored an incredible 13492 runs at a normal of 54.40, including 44 centuries. The following most elevated on the rundown is England’s Alastair Cook, who scored 11845 runs opening the batting multiple times for England. 

To place the extent of this record in some point of view, the quantity of runs that Tendulkar has scored at No.4 is higher than the vocation total of the second most noteworthy run-scorer in Test cricket – Ricky Ponting who scored 13378 Test runs in his whole profession.

4) Most fours in Tests 

Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer to score in excess of 2000 fours in Test Match cricket. In the 329 innings that he played for India, Tendulkar scored an amazing 2058 fours in Test cricket. 

Once more, to place this accomplishment in some viewpoint, he drives the second-put Rahul Dravid by an enormous 404 fours. Among non-dynamic players, just Amla has 1145 limits to his name and is not even close to Tendulkar’s record. 

5) Most runs in Tests 

In the 200 Test coordinates that Tendulkar played for India, he scored a dumbfounding 15921 runs. He drives the second-set Ricky Ponting by a giant 2543 runs. 

The main man who had any practical possibility of going past Tendulkar was Alastair Cook. However, even he resigned a year ago from Tests

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Also, with respect to batting sensation Virat Kohli, the present Indian Captain has scored just 7240 runs. Given that he is now more than 31 years old, it will be practically inconceivable for Kohli to score the runs that he requires to go past the Indian cricketing legend.

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