Cricket Bats have evolved dramatically throughout the years. It first followed two rules. First and foremost, it should be a Kashmiri or English willow. Second, the measurements should be 956 mm by 108 mm.

However, bats are now personalised to the needs of the batsmen. Bat producers are also producing bats in accordance with the trend.

The number of bat manufacturing companies has grown dramatically over the years. With the amount of cricket played today all around the world, nearly every brand is highly known.

Here are some of the most talented cricket bat manufacturers in India:

1. Sareen Sports Industries (SS)

Sareen Sports Industries is undoubtedly the most well-known brand in and outside of India. It is without a doubt one of the largest global bat companies, and many global players prefer to utilise their equipment.

N.K. Sareen created the company in 1969 as a general sports company, and it produced its first cricket bat in 1976. Indian cricketers were quick to adopt this brand, with Virender Sehwag, Sourav Ganguly, and VVS Laxman among those who have used one.

Quinton de Kock and JP Duminy from the South African national team have both used SS products while away from India.

SS manufactures a large assortment of bats from both English willow and Kashmir willow. Club players can test them out because they are available at a variety of prices to suit all budgets.

2. Sanspareils Greenlands (SG)

They’ve been around since 1931 and have received the backing of numerous prominent players as they reach their 100th anniversary. The Anand brothers founded Sanspareils Greenlands, and when Sunil Gavaskar started using their bats in the 1970s, they gained international attention.

Rahul Dravid was a more recent ambassador for SG in the 1990s, and other great Indian players who have used their bats include Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant, and KL Rahul. There’s a good mix of players on the list, including power hitters and touch players like Dravid.

This shows that the SG produces a diverse spectrum of bats. The SG King Cobra was Rahul Dravid’s preferred weapon, although there are plenty of other options.

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3. BD Mahajan & Sons (BDM)

BD Mahajan & Sons (BDM) is a relatively new bat manufacturer, with BDM bats first appearing in the market in 1986. They are currently based in Meerut and have a reputation for producing high-quality bats at a lower cost than many of their competitors.

Due to this, Indian professionals as well as club cricketers enjoy using their products. Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, and MS Dhoni have all previously used BDM products.

This company employs both Kashmiri and English willow; however, the English options are the most popular. BDM may not be as well-known around the world, but they have a devoted following in nations such as Australia and New Zealand.

4. Beat All Sports (BAS)

Beat All Sports is one of the oldest cricket bat manufacturers outside of England, having been founded in 1950. They claim to manufacture the finest handcrafted cricket bats and equipment, and they have a devoted following among current and former players.

According to reviews, the Vampire and Vintage bats are the most popular. They feature a larger sweet spot, which results in more power. However, due to the extensive handcrafting process required to complete one of these bats, they do tend to be expensive products.

If you are an accomplished club cricketer seeking to score consistently throughout the season and have the funds to back it up, BAS may be ideal. Those who are just getting started may wish to look into another manufacturer first.

5. MRF Sports Goods

MRF is yet another brand of cricket bat that athletes use all over the world. It’s a common sight in the IPL and other limited-overs and first-class cricket matches. Two of the greatest cricket batsmen in history, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, have both used MRF bats. Both Tendulkar and Kohli blend touch and power, indicating that MRF cricket bats are extremely flexible.

MRF is an abbreviation for the Madras Rubber Company, which manufactured a variety of products before expanding into cricket bat manufacturing in the 1970s.

They also have one of the most diverse collections of bats available right now. There is a good mix of Kashmiri and English Willow at various pricing points. It’s a well-known brand, and MRF is gaining popularity among professional and club cricketers worldwide.

6. A2 Cricket

While they are a very new business, I wanted to mention A2 Cricket because they appear to have established a pretty good reputation in a relatively short amount of time. Mithali Raj, a former Indian women’s captain, is their brand ambassador, and several of her colleagues have been seen wearing the brand.

The primary focus here is on English willow, which is a novel approach for an Indian bat marker. Although English bats are more expensive, they are significantly more resilient and long-lasting.

One of their key advantages is that clients can create their own bats on the A2 Cricket website. This is a more expensive option; however, off-the-shelf models like the Astral, Vertex, and Acme are available.

7. Delux Sports Company (DSC) 

In India, Delux Sports Company (DSC) is a major manufacturer of cricket equipment. They have been in business for almost 70 years, and many domestic players in India use their bats. DSC bats are well-known for their good quality and low cost.

Expert craftsmen handcraft DSC bats from the finest English willow. They have a large selection of bats to suit all budgets and playing styles.

David Warner, the Australian opener, is one of the world’s most lethal batsmen. He bats with the DSC SPLIIT, which is developed for power and timing. The aggressive batting style of the Australian batsman is well known.

8. Kookaburra Sports

Kookaburra is an international cricket behemoth with an Indian manufacturing facility. As one of the premier cricket bat manufacturers, all of their cricketing equipment is made and branded in India.

Alfred Grace (AG) Thompson created Kookaburra Sport in Melbourne in 1890, according to the company’s history. The company sells its products in India via its production site in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. There is also a Kookaburra Sports India office in Meerut.

The Indian manufacturing facility produces goods for the Indian market. The beauty and balance of their cricket bats are legendary. Cricketers from Australia and New Zealand prefer this brand.

9. Gunn & Moore (GM)

Gunn and Moore have a 130-year history in cricket, and the GM name is synonymous with exceptional quality. GM is currently sponsoring Ben Stokes, Cameron Green, Ross Taylor, and others. Despite being an English firm, it manufactures and sells sporting equipment all around the world, including India.

10. Elevar Bats

The company is a new player in this field, but it has made significant progress due to its excellent product quality and client experience. Two friends founded it in 2017, incorporating cutting-edge technology into the bat manufacturing process. Since the company’s beginnings, they have sold over one million cricket bats.

Final Thoughts

This is a complete list of the best cricket bat makers in India. A lot of small businesses and individual artists live in the city of Meerut.

Companies like SG and SS make goods that can’t be beaten in terms of quality. But newcomers like Elevar and A2 Cricket are quickly closing the gap.

Since India loves to play cricket, cricket bats are always in high demand. The BCCI does many things to make the game more famous in India. The cricket body is working on the Indian Premier League and other projects to get more fans interested in the games.

In the end, it’s fair to say that cricket is more than just a game in India; it’s a way of life. It helps people feel like they are part of the same group.

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