The Indian Premier League is the toughest for bowlers all over the world. No matter how good an individual is with the ball in international, it doesn’t guarantee the same success in the IPL. The bowlers who are economically cheap in IPL become the highest-rated bowlers of all time. But, so many cricketers were economically such a miser during their IPL career, but all of them aren’t successful in bowling as many dot balls. When it comes to the top tally of dot balls, Bhuvneshwar Kumar picks the No. 1 position on the list with 1340.

The bowlers like Rashid Khan and Anil Kumble are the spin candidates included in the list. The Indian Premier League is not for bowlers, this was the old statement when the league started, but now these highly courageous bowlers have overturned it. So, here are the top 10 bowlers who are prime candidates in this list if throwing the highest dot balls in IPL.

1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar (SRH) – 1415

One of the leading pacers of Indian Cricket nowadays has occupied the No. 1 position in the list. He has played 133 matches and bowled more than 1400 dot balls in his career till the moment. He is playing the 15th edition of IPL under the leadership of Kane Williamson in SRH. His economy also has a cheap figure of 7.29 which reflects his manoeuvring.

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2. Ravichandran Ashwin (RR) – 1384

R Ashwin is currently signed with Rajasthan Royals for IPL 2022. He has appeared in 166 IPL matches and ensured more than 1300 balls to be bowled as dot deliveries. He is a specialist in stocking the runs from the batsman’s blade. He has played for Chennai Super Kings & Punjab Kings in the last couple of seasons.

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3. Sunil Narine (KKR) – 1382

Sunil Narine is the best guard of Kolkata Knight Riders in the bowling department. He has played all his 136 matches from the side of KKR and bowled more than 1300 dot balls in his spells. Gautam Gambhir had a personal belief in him from the beginning, making him such a stalwart guy in the Indian Premier League. 

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4. Harbhajan Singh (KKR) – 1312

Harbhajan Singh led the Indian Spin attack for a very long time. He was inducted into the side of Kolkata Knight Riders in the last year but couldn’t play too many games. He has played in 163 matches and bowled 1314 dot balls into it. He is conquering the No. 4 position on this list. 

5. Lasith Malinga (MI) – 1217

Lasith Malinga is the highest wicket-taker pacer in the history of the Indian Premier League. He made his debut in the year 2009, and from then, he was consistently playing well from the side of Mumbai till the year 2019. He has played 122 matches in total and thumped 1217 run-less deliveries. For this season, Rajasthan Royals has hired him as a bowling coach for their franchise.

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6. Amit Mishra (DC) – 1183

Amit Mishra is the leading highest wicket-taking spinner in the history of IPL. He had taken 166 wickets in 154 games in which he stepped into the field. His dot ball figures of 1183 put him at number five on the list. Any franchise in IPL 2022 hasn’t selected him, but he played the last game from the side of the Delhi Capitals in IPL. 

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7. Piyush Chawla (CSK) – 1172

In this edition, Piyush Chawla is another KKR guy who moved to Chennai Super Kings. He debuted in 2008 for them and played in 165 matches till now. He knocked 157 wickets in that quota which is second highest after Amit Mishra. His dot ball tally goes up to 1167, which puts him at 7th position in the list.

8. Praveen Kumar (GL) – 1147

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Praveen Kumar has appeared in 119 matches in the IPL, but his wicket numbers are not even up to his game’s number. He has picked up 90 wickets in IPL and bowled 1148 dot deliveries in his whole career. He also played his last game from the side of Gujarat Lions in the year 2017 and took retirement after that from the IPL.

9. Umesh Yadav (KKR) – 1142

Umesh Yadav is the third KKR knight on the list, usually known for his costly spells in world cricket. But here is an interesting number of him in the IPL; he has bowled 1040 dot balls in his 12-year long IPL career. His numbers for KKR are rocking in that 87 dismissals out of his 123 wickets have come for Kolkata Knight Riders in the combined seasons of IPL. After the ace fast bowler Dale Steyn, he made the last position on the list. 

10. Jasprit Bumrah (MI) – 1083

The Mumbai bowler is the latest entry to the squad and the most deserved one. Being the lead pacer of the champion side of Mumbai Indians, Bumrah has been phenomenal over the years for every side he is part of. Most particularly, his dot balls are always efficient and they come in big numbers.

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