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Cricketing world erupt ahead of the Champions Trophy Final

Indeed!!! Cricket is getting into a state where Asian Teams started to dominate, regardless of wherever the game is played. It was India who won the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 which was held in England by beating the host nation itself in the Tournament Final. And this time there were three Asian nations out of four Semi Finalists, in which the Asian powerhouses, India and Pakistan making into the grand Champions Trophy final. Cricket fans all around the world have already started their tweeting and Facebook rivalries supporting their own teams.

Now its time to check on how the Cricketing World itself is getting prepared for the guaranteed high-action final on the most wanted Sunday eve. Most of them have already predicted on how the match is going to turn out, whereas some came up with the advisory warnings for the battling teams. I have checked on who said what and tried to put it out in best way possible for you guys. You can thank me later, now lets look into what they have to say.

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Virender Sehwag’s straight drive

Its very-apt to open with the India’s favorite opening batsman of all time, Virender Sehwag.

Viru marks his positive attitude by predicting on the India-Pakistan Final in his own style.

“Pakistan was that one team against which I always loved hitting boundaries, especially against Shoaib Akhtar who used to bowl at 150 km/h,” Sehwag said in an interview with ‘UCWeb’.

He also predicted Virat Kohli and the boys will beat Pakistan on Sunday with ease, to win the second consecutive Champions Trophy for India.

Azhar Mahmood- playing it safe

And now its time to take it from the other side, where the former Pakistan all-rounder, Azhar Mahmood, has something to say on the India-Pakistan rivalry in the modern cricket. His words,

“Definitely they(India) have had an upper hand in ICC tournaments, but now things have changed and this is the time for us to change the script. It’s a massive game. India refused to play against us and now we’re playing in a bigger stage. It’s like Ashes, it’s bigger than Ashes.

“ In India v Pakistan, there’s never a dull game wherever you play. This is an ICC event final. It’s a big match and the expectation is high from both countries. It’s a dream one for the sponsors and broadcasters. It is up to us how we take it and how we handle the pressure on the day. I think the boys can do it. We’ve got nothing to lose, their odds are higher than us, they’ve got more chance and everyone is talking about India, India,”

We can understand that he is playing safe. Pakistanis will never go down without a fight.

VVS-Dravid defends India

Remember how the likes of  VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid, liked to defend when they bat for India in the crucial stages, now check their defending words too on India-Pakistan clash.

“India will hope Hardik Pandya raises his bowling level, because, to me, the fifth bowler is the only potential weak link in the side. Otherwise, as they displayed on Thursday, India are a powerful force perennially on the upsurge,” wrote VVS on his blog for the Times group.

He has also stated the importance of having Kedar Jadav in the team,

“Kedar is a street-smart bowler. Short in stature, he delivers the ball with a round-arm action so that it skids on to the batsman. His length is neither full enough nor short enough for batsmen to get underneath the ball or play off the back foot with any authority, which is why he stacks up dot-balls quickly,” He finished.

Lets see “The Wall” Rahul Dravid’s word of advice for Virat Kohli,

“I think Virat has to stick to what’s worked well for him. India loves chasing, we saw that today. They have got some really experienced players who have played in big pressure games, they know how to handle these kind of situations and I think this is a tactic that works for them,” Dravid said.

Well said Rahul.. Well Now, its time to check something unusual.

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Indian Uncle of Pakistan Captain

Mehboob Hasan, Uncle of Pakistan’s Captain Sarfraz Ahmed, from Uttar Pradesh will be supporting India on their match against Pakistan. What a turn around!!! He said these words when asked about his unusual situation,

“His team cannot match our team. I always root for Team India. We have better players and our team is superior. I can bet that India will win the trophy,”

Wicket-Keepers backs India

Coming back to the Cricketing world, time to check on someone who is a neutral. Kumar Sangakkara, the former Sri Lankan Captain and Wicket-keeper, is backing India to win the trophy, saying India is the best team in the tournament so far. His words from his blog on official ICC website for you,

“India will be very confident going into the game and it deserves to be: It has been the best team in the tournament playing consistently high-class cricket. All departments within the team are functioning at their best. Their batting has been peerless and bowling, varied and penetrative. Their fielding alert and strong.”

However, he warns India on Pakistan’s unpredictability.

“But I know India will also be wary. It may have thrashed Pakistan in its opening game of the tournament, but it would have also hoped it was its last game against its arch-rival. The problem about playing Pakistan is that when all things click and the team gels in unison, it can become an overpowering force – as a very strong England team found out this week.“

Now, lets hear out from an Indian Wicket-keeper, No, not Dhoni, as he must be busy practicing. Its Wriddhiman Saha, who came out with few words on how India is dominating the Tournament and how happy he is for the team.

“Barring one match (against Sri Lanka) India have done well in every department and they are the overall favourites. It’s no surprise, you ask anyone, he or she will put India in the hot seat tomorrow,”

“Pakistan have bowled really well since the first game against India. (But) India have bowled well in every match and got teams all out too,” the 32-year-old insisted.

What to expect on the Champions Trophy Final?

It must be easy to predict India has the upper hands ahead of the ultimate clash. But however, Pakistan on any day is unpredictable and are able to produce an upset to beat the dominating India.

India on other hand, should keep calm and play their own aggressive game, barring all negative thoughts. With the team filled with capable Big-game players, India is the team to finish it high on the most awaited clash on Sunday.

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