6 Greatest Moments in Indian Cricket History

5. Yuvraj Singh 6 Sixes in 6 Balls – #BullytheBully

Now comes a moment of bullying the bully. Usually, when a player loses his temper, he goes out of control. But in the case of Yuvi, it is different.

yuvraj singh six sixes

This famous incident happened in 2007 at the 1st T20 World Cup match against England. Yuvraj and Dhoni were batting as India was setting the target. Stuart Broad, the English pacer, came to bowl the 19th over of Indian Innings. Andrew Flintoff, English All-rounder, said something to Yuvraj, which must have upset the Punjabi Batsmen. What happened next is history.

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Yuvraj smashed six consecutive sixes off Broad all around the corners of the stadium. English players were standing there watching those mighty hits with no idea of what had hit them. The poor Broad had no answer for Yuvi’s smashes.

Inarticle 80

MS Dhoni standing in the other end, was watching those sixes with his cool smile on his face. That moment gave an invaluable start to MS Dhoni’s era of Indian cricket. Recently Dhoni thanked Yuvi for this particular moment in his style of words.

Thanks to you I witnessed the six sixes from the best seat.

MS Dhoni to Yuvraj Singh

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