10 Highest-Paid Cricketers in the World

Cricket is currently the second most popular sport in the world. Almost 3 million people follow cricket regularly and cheer for their favorite teams. 

As it usually goes with every sport, every team has a player who is a star performer. The better a player is, the more popular they get. Another thing that goes along with amazing performance is a hefty paycheck for the player in question.

In the latest cricket news, you can usually find all about the performance of players, and sometimes even the information on how valued their skills are. That’s why today you will get to know who are the highest-paid cricketers in the world.

10. Steve Smith — $2.4 million

Steve Smith is believed to be the best test batsman in the world at the moment. He is playing for Rajasthan Royals for $2.4 million. Smith might have been worth even more if it wasn’t for his suspension in 2018 that cost him the captain spot in the Australian National team and partnerships with New Balance and Milo.

9. Rohit Sharma — $3.5 million

Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian Premier League team, Mumbai Indians, entered 2020 with $3.5 million added to his account. He is famous for his runs he has built up year by year, as well as the highest individual batsman score in a One Day International game.

Rohit against Australia
Rohit Sharma vs Australia

8. Yuvraj Singh — $3.5 million

Yuvraj Singh, like his fellow colleague Rohit Sharma, earns $3.5 million. He is much adored in the cricket world for managing to stay top, regardless of some turbulent health periods. Fans remember this left-handed all-rounder by registering 15 wickets at the ICC Cricket World Cup.

7. Mitchell Starc — $4 million

Mitchell Starc has finished the year as the 5th highest wicket-taker in history and cashed out $4 million. Apart from cricket, the highest wicket-taker in two consecutive ICC World Cups and one of the fastest bowlers in history also has profited from his partnership with Audi.

6. Shane Watson — $4.5 million

Although Shane Watson has left the international cricket scene, he is still present in franchise leagues worldwide. From such deals and some other endorsements, Watson gets around $4.5 million.

5. David Warner — $5.5 million

David Warner, the left-handed batsman from Australia, seems to be able to find trouble anywhere he goes. Due to some misconducts earlier in his career, he has been suspended several times. However, this hasn’t prevented teams from the Bangladesh and Indian Premier League from making him richer for $5.5 million.

AB de Villiers – South African Cricketer

4. AB de Villiers — $6.4 million

AB de Villiers is probably one of the best South African cricket players. He is the owner of three ODI Player of the Year titles, as well as a $6.4 million salary.

3. Chris Gayle — $7.5 million

Inarticle 80

Chris Gayle is a player who has proved that agility and skills are not always closely tied to the young age. Still, at the age of 40, Gayle decided he won’t be taking part in ODIs after the World Cup in 2019. We can guess he is satisfied with his $7.5 million earned from various brand endorsement and domestic cricket franchises.

2. MS Dhoni — $21.7 million

MS Dhoni has helped his team win some significant competitions like the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Along with his $2.2 million contract with Chennai Super Kings, which is one of the world’s highest deals in cricket, he also works with 20 different brands, thus creating an income of $21.7 million.

India vs Sri Lanka T20 Match
Virat Kohli – MS Dhoni

1. Virat Kohli – $24 million

Virat Kohli is the only cricket player who got the honor to get into Forbes’s list of the highest-paid athletes. His $2.6 million cricket contract with Royal Challengers Bangalore, together with his endorsement deals worth over $20 million, has brought Kohli a total of $24 million and made him the highest-paid cricketer in the world today.

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