Top 10: Teams with Most Losses in Test Cricket

There is nothing more hurting than a Test match loss. For a game that runs for a maximum of 5 days and 450 overs between two teams, it will always hurt when you end on the losing side.

England, the only team to play more than 1000 Test matches, is also the only team to lose more than 300 Test matches, thereby leading this list.

You can find below the top Test team sorted in the order of their number of losses in Test cricket. (You can also sort the teams according to their Loss%).

Teams with Most Losses in Test Cricket

West Indies21057536.52
New Zealand18547039.36
South Africa16146434.69
Sri Lanka12131638.29
ICC World XI11100.00

Key Stats

Australia is the only team to have a loss% of less than 30 in the longest format, where England comes next. The two oldest existing teams are also the most battled in Test cricket. The Ashes, cricket’s oldest rivalry, is the tournament that has existed for more than 100 years and is played between these two sides even now. You can find the complete Ashes stats here.

Pakistan and India also have an impressive history and are present in the format, as their loss percentage stays around 30.

Among the teams that have played more than 100 Test matches, Bangladesh is the least winning team, with more than 74 percent of the games ending in misery. In fact, their players dominate the list of players with the most number of losses in the longest format.

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