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Top 10: Most Sixes by Both Teams in a T20 World Cup Match

With pitches getting flatter and boundaries becoming shorter, batters are carting out massive sixes for fun. Bowlers, on the other hand, are facing the heat with little to no reprieve. 

In this relentless six-hitting feast, records are being shattered, created, and again shattered. One such record is both teams hammering the most maximums in a single match.

The T20 World Cup has seen sensational power hitting from teams, sending the ball flying high over the ropes.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 instances of both teams hitting the most sixes in a single T20 World Cup match.

Most Sixes in a T20 World Cup Match (by Both Teams)

Team 1Team 2Totals 6sVenueDate
IrelandNetherlands30Sylhet21 Mar 2014
AustraliaIndia24Bridgetown7 May 2010
AustraliaPakistan22Gros Islet14 May 2010
EnglandSouth Africa22Wankhede18 Mar 2016
USACanada21Dallas1 Jun 2024
AustraliaEngland21Bridgetown8 Jun 2024
AustraliaIndia20Durban22 Sep 2007
EnglandWest Indies20Wankhede16 Mar 2016
AfghanistanSouth Africa19Wankhede20 Mar 2016
South AfricaWest Indies18Johannesburg11 Sep 2007

Key Insights

30 sixes smashed in the 2014 game between Ireland and the Netherlands are the most in a single T20 World Cup match. This remains the only instance of a match registering 30 or more sixes.

19 out of the 30 sixes were alone hit by the Netherlands, making it the most maximums in a single innings in the competition.

India, Australia, England, South Africa, and the West Indies have been involved in 5 or more matches with 15 or more sixes.

There are over 35 instances of both teams sending down 15 or more sixes combined in a single T20 World Cup match.

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