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Most One-Sided Head-to-Head Record in ODI World Cup

The ODI World Cup has seen some fierce battles between teams, with each trying to come over the top of the others. And this is what makes the tournament a spectacle in the cricketing world. However, there are some teams that have completely dominated their opponents in this 50-over tournament.

In this article, let’s take a look at the most one-sided head-to-head record in the ODI World Cup.

Most One-Sided Head-to-Head Record in ODI World Cup

TeamsHead-to-HeadMatchesTied/No Result
India vs Pakistan8-080
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka8-080
Australia vs Sri Lanka9-1111
Australia vs Zimbabwe8-190
India vs Zimbabwe8-190
Pakistan vs New Zealand8-2100
New Zealand vs Bangladesh6-060
West Indies vs Zimbabwe6-060
England vs West Indies6-170
New Zealand vs South Africa6-390

Key Insights

Pakistan versus Sri Lanka and India versus Pakistan are two of the most one-sided matchups in the ODI World Cup. You can check out all the results between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in this tournament’s history.

The intense rivalry between India and Pakistan is well known around the globe, with India having a clear upper hand over their neighbours. Check out how the rivalry has panned out in the 50-over competition.

The Aussies are one of the toughest teams to beat, and it is evident with their one-sided dominance against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. The one time Australia lost to Sri Lanka was in the summit clash of the 1996 edition, where Arjuna Ranatunga led Sri Lanka to their maiden World title. Similarly, Zimbabwe defeated Australia once in the 1983 edition, in what was their first-ever World Cup match.

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