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Total Count of Sixes Hit in Each T20 World Cup Edition

Nowadays, T20I cricket has become more or less about batters hitting long sixes. And even fans adore the spectacular sight of the ball flying over the boundary ropes.

The T20 World Cup has seen batters flexing their muscles and shelling out maximums at their will. This has resulted in the tournament recording a surge in the number of sixes hit in each passing edition.

In this article, we’ll look at the total number of sixes hit in each T20 World Cup edition.

Total Sixes Count | Each T20 World Cup Edition

T20 WC EditionTotal SixesMatchesHosts
200726527South Africa
201027827West Indies
201222327Sri Lanka
202140545Oman / UAE
202420624West Indies / USA

Key Insights

405 sixes smashed in the 2021 iteration are the most in a single T20 World Cup edition. Thus far, it is the only edition with more than 400 sixes in the tournament’s history.

166 sixes hit in the 2009 edition held in England are the lowest in a T20 World Cup edition.

The 2010 T20 World Cup saw teams slam 278 sixes in 27 matches, which translates to 10.29 maximums per match. This is the highest sixes-per-match ratio in a single World Cup iteration.

The same edition also recorded Australia hammering 57 sixes in 7 innings. This is the most sixes hit by a team in a single T20 World Cup tourney. Moreover, Australia is the only team to surpass 50 maximums in an edition.

The 2014 edition logged 300 sixes being hit for the first time. Since then, all the following editions have crossed the 300 sixes mark.

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