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Stats: List of Tied Matches in T20 World Cup History

If these high-scoring games and nail-biting finishes are not enough in T20Is, we also get to witness tied matches, which further fuel the excitement.

Tied T20I matches may not be a regular occurrence, but they spice up things between 2 teams as the game heads into the Super Over.

The T20 World Cup has witnessed a few closely fought encounters between teams, showcasing the level of competitiveness in the tournament.

Here is a list of tied matches recorded in T20 World Cup history.

Tied Matches in T20 World Cup

Batting 1stBatting 2ndSuper Over ResultVenueDate
India – 141/9 (20)Pakistan – 141/7 (20)IND Won Bowl-Out (3-0)Durban14 Sep 2007
New Zealand – 174/7 (20)Sri Lanka – 174/6 (20)SL WonPallekele27 Sep 2012
West Indies – 139/10 (19.3)New Zealand – 139/7 (20)WI WonPallekele1 Oct 2012
Oman – 109/10 (19.4)Namibia – 109/6 (20)NAM WonBridgetown2 Jun 2024
Pakistan – 159/7 (20)USA – 159/3 (20)USA WonDallas6 Jun 2024

Key Insights

The group stage game between India and Pakistan was the first T20 World Cup match to end in a tie. Moreover, it remains the only T20 World Cup match to have used the Bowl-Out method as a tie-breaker, which India won by 3-0.

New Zealand and Pakistan have been involved in 2 tied matches each, with both teams losing in the Super Overs on both occasions.

New Zealand is the only team to be involved in 2 tied matches in a single T20 World Cup. 

The 2024 T20 World Cup witnessed the first instance of 2 associate teams being part of the same tied match. Oman scored 109 batting first, and Namibia levelled the total to set up a Super Over and win the match.

The USA became the first associate team to defeat a full-member team in the Super Over in the T20 World Cup. They beat Pakistan in the one-over eliminator in the 2024 edition.

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