Top 10: Batsmen to Score Most ‘3s’ in IPL

What do you think is the most uncommon things that can happen in a T20 game? For the format of the game that sees boundaries and quick singles every over, even the hat-tricks and wicket-maidens have become more come nowadays with batters and bowlers evolving with the experience of every single game they play. You can find the list of hat-tricks picked so far in the IPL here.

So what should be it? You are right, if you have guessed batsman scoring a 3.

Hitting and running 3 runs in a T20 game, especially in the subcontinent conditions, where the outfields are quicker and the boundaries are shorter is a very rare scenario. Also, the infrequent outcome needs two batsmen who are the quickest between the wickets to run three and it demands a batsman to pick the biggest of the gaps between the fielders; or a lucky overthrow.

That is why, David Warner, with only 23 ‘3s’ in IPL leads the list of players with the most 3s in the overall tournament, putting together all seasons ever played.

In the league stage of 2022 season, where around 1000 sixes were hit, only 31 3s were scored.

Batsmen with Most 3s in IPL History

David Warner24
Shikhar Dhawan23
Virat Kohli20
Ajinkya Rahane18
Faf du Plessis18
AB de Villiers17
Murali Vijay17
MS Dhoni15
Gautam Gambhir15
Robin Uthappa15

Stats Insight

If you look at the names involved in the sheet, they are all some of the quickest runners between the wickets and batsmen who like to pick gaps and hit along the ground.

Inarticle 80

Longevity plays a big role in players scoring most of the threes. If you see, these batsmen have been playing for a long time and most of them are already into the elite list of batsmen with 5000+ runs in IPL.

David Warner, the player with the most fifties in the tournament and Shikhar Dhawan, the batsman who has hit the most fours in IPL, are deservingly holding the top two places in this list.

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