The run chase has become the norm for any team winning the toss in today’s cricket world. Especially in a tournament like IPL, where Dew is present almost every game night, batting second has become the captain’s weapon in winning games.

And then, there are chase masters who like the runs on the scoreboard to chase. There is no scoreboard pressure nowadays as they are seen only as “pleasure to have” entities. The target on board helps them carve their innings based on the requirement.

This article will discuss those players – the leading overall run-scores in IPL chases.

Most Runs while Chasing in IPL

Virat Kohli3179109108*36.96130.5519/1
David Warner303686109*41.58141.7332/1
Robin Uthappa28321158727.49134.6615/0
Shikhar Dhawan270787101*38.67126.4921/1
Rohit Sharma259310785*29.13123.7717/0
Gautam Gambhir24608990*33.69120.1120/0
Suresh Raina2334918732.87138.2713/0
Ambati Rayudu217088100*29.72122.739/1
Shane Watson216278117*32.26140.9315/1
KL Rahul20964998*51.12135.5720/0

Stats Insights

Virat Kohli, the chase master, is way ahead in this category. We know how he loves chasing, and the table above is just a replica of Virat’s international chasing records in the shortest format.

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Looking at the Averages column, KL Rahul is now the only batter to have a 50+ batting average among anyone with more than 2000 runs while batting second. Read KL’s progression of run-making in the tournament, season-wise & team-wise here.

Ben Stokes is the only player to hit two centuries while batting second in all IPL seasons.

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David Warner leads the strike rate column in the table. The Australian opener also has the second-best average in the list and competing with Virat for the table-top closely.

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