Cricket in modern-day has become more of a batsman-friendly sport. The rise in T20 international games and domestic leagues around the globe has even influenced other formats where runs came cautiously.

This could be seen with the big increase in the totals of 300 reached and even chased successfully.

Another reason for these big scores in ODI is because of the fact that ICC is trying to expand the format to more nations and thereby more minnow teams get to play against bigger powers in bilaterals.

This article will list the teams who have scored 400+ scores in ODI and are sorted by the number of such instances.

Most 400+ Scores in ODI

South Africa8800100
Sri Lanka211050
New Zealand211050

Stats Insights

Australia is the first team to cross 400+ score in ODI.

South Africa and Sri Lanka are the only teams to attain the milestone number of 400 while batting second. While doing so, the protean side ended up on a historical winning note, whereas Sri Lanka failed to chase India’s 414.

South Africa, England, India, and New Zealand have never lost an ODI match after scoring 400+.

872 runs scored by Australia and South Africa together in a 2006 Johannesburg game is the highest aggregate by two teams in an ODI match, followed by 825 by India and Sri Lanka in Rajkot, 2009. These are the two instances when both teams crossed 400 mark in the same match.

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