Stats: Most 600+ Runs in Test by a team

Teams scoring 600+ runs in test innings is a rare sight. With teams going for a win, they mostly look to declare when they believe they have enough on the board.

Still, in some cases, the teams might want to have strong leads on the board to give their bowlers enough backup. Also, the batting-friendly conditions have made things relatively easy for the batsmen to score freely.

Home teams winning a toss would always like to post strong totals on board, which will keep them in the driver seat of the game.

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Here is the list of teams ranked based on the maximum number of times they scored 600+ runs in a Test innings:

West Indies209011790
Sri Lanka15807952
South Africa131102682
New Zealand11406715

Stats Insights

  • No teams have ever lost a Test match after scoring a 600+ total. The highest score for any team in a lost game belongs to Bangladesh when they scored 595/8(decl) in the first innings and lost the game against New Zealand at Wellington.
  • Australia also leads the chart for winning more games after scoring a 600-plus team score.
  • The Aussies once again lead the chart for scoring more than 600+ scores away from home. Eighteen of their 34 600+ totals came away from home, whereas India and West Indies have 13.
  • South Africa has been the toughest when they score big. They have won 11 times out of their 13 600+ games.
  • England are the only team to score a 600+ total in the 4th innings of a Test match. It was in a Timeless Test in 1979 against South Africa. The match ended in a draw when their score was at 654/5. They couldn’t continue the game due to rain and the fact that the South African team had got an unavoidable train to catch.
  • New Zealand has two 600+ scores while batting in the 3rd innings of the games. India, Pakistan, South Africa, and West Indies have one each.

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